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amazing. (and jealous)

Before & After: Joellyn's Grandma Kitsch to Modern Kitchen
2/5/13 01:30 PM

what a dream.

Before & After: Old Garage Converted Into Tiny French Home Fair Companies
1/27/13 02:45 PM

another great one:


Ten Themed Alphabet Prints
1/25/13 06:47 PM

You know, not fully seeing the movie, I do like this comment and agree with your friend Win. I don't think disney was trying to offend anyone, yeah, maybe they did (okay, the definitely did), but it says a lot to have the main character of a film (to be watched my millions) be a black man, that is loved by so many (white people) sharing the screen with white actors. Luckily not something anyone would think twice about now, but then? That was a big deal. . Whether he was an authority figure or a minstrel, he was a prominent and loved black man. But I do feel a lot of sympathy that he wasn't allowed to attend the premier though.

Before & After: Green & Grimy Toddler Room ohdeardrea
1/10/13 08:41 PM

One thing I've learned in the past few years is to never take anything too seriously, because even with the best intentions, someone, somewhere, is going to be offended by something. There are a ton of movies that I find highly offensive, but no one talks about them, because they weren't banned... either way, I wouldn't bring all my negativity to someone else for it.

And thank you ;)

Before & After: Green & Grimy Toddler Room ohdeardrea
1/10/13 08:33 PM

I promise, the other side balances it out ;)

Before & After: Green & Grimy Toddler Room ohdeardrea
1/10/13 08:29 PM

First of all, thank you to apartment therapy! This was such a nice surprise to see M's room on this site!

Second, kind of disappointing that the poster seems to be the main focus for a lot of people, but like I said (just added) to the tour post on my blog: The poster was a gift. I had never seen the movie (I'm not a movie person), I took it for what it was: a piece of art to hang in my kids room. I'm not racist AT ALL. For people who read my blog, they know I am one of the most open minded, accepting, and nonjudgmental people you can find. After doing a bit of research and reading everyone's comments, I mostly feel sensitive to the fact that the star of the movie was unable to attend his own premier, but that shows poorly what an awful and segregated time it was in the 40's, and not on some poster (thank goodness things have gotten significantly better since then). Again, I haven't seen the movie in full (I don't have time for that, not now) but I can understand that it might make some people feel uncomfortable. I myself, feel very uncomfortable watching many of the older disney movies (peter pan, dumbo) now, as an adult (luckily, as children, we don't watch movies that way, we see everything as light-hearted, fun, and without judgement and negativity). So again, sorry if a poster offended any of you, that was never my intention. It wasn't put there to make some sort of statement, for me it was just a gift, given to me by someone I care about, that I hung up on my wall.

Thank you to the people who liked the room! I almost didn't change the wall color, out of shear laziness, so glad I gave in and painted! The rooms were all awful with the most atrocious wall colors and stained carpeting. Thank you. thank you.

Before & After: Green & Grimy Toddler Room ohdeardrea
1/10/13 08:29 PM

I'm gonna have to say it, if my daughters room loses, I hope it's to this one. It's pretty great <3

Atti's Mini Modern Sleep Nook
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #39

5/20/11 09:54 PM

Super cute room, but I can't see how this is possibly 72 feet?

A Little Room for a Little Daisy
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #57

5/20/11 03:36 PM

These are pretty amazing :)

Wooden Monster Push Toys by Charlie Alan Kraft
5/5/11 10:34 PM

@natstara: It's martha stewart brand... unfortunately I don't remember the name.

Drea's Darling Home
5/5/11 07:55 PM

@csc76: ah, I hate those curtains. No, I lie: I love them. I hated making them. I bought the fabric at (the dreaded) Ikea.

@misscorinne: Thank you! Clearance bin urban outfitters.

@House Voyeur: I am absolutely not an expert! Just someone who loves color and furniture. The ottomans are used more than frequently by visitors. Sometimes they are moved towards the center for games or conversations, but they are used most often right were they are at. The space is small.

@grietje: The tree was in the clearance bin of anthropologie. The box was open and everything... you design the tree as you'd like it... luckily no pieces appeared to be missing.

Drea's Darling Home
4/21/11 02:31 AM

Thanks everyone!

@shadowlotus: I just found it like that! 50$ at goodwill. Best find ever.

@pamela l: it's a diy! my dad found it on the side of the road somewhere. it was hideous. Brown with a silver top.

Drea's Darling Home
4/15/11 08:15 PM

I am not a fan of substitutes whatsoever, but when it comes to grilled cheese you need some sort of cheese substitute in there. I always go for the Vegan Gourmet (either mozzarella or Monterey Jack). But like I said, I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Vegan Cheese: A Cheesemonger's Report
The Cheesemonger

1/12/11 07:21 PM

This makes me VERY happy.

Welcome To Vegan Week at The Kitchn!
1/11/11 09:14 PM