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They work great with indoor plants! I've been planting them for all year (the photo above, for example)!

Easy starter plants are pothos (many different kinds) and heartleaf philodendrons. These are great "spillers" and will hang down nicely to cover the pockets.

If you want to add more thrill, all sorts of dracaenas (I love 'Gold Star') are beautiful and easy. Flowering plants like orchids and bromeliads are also happy in Pockets, and you can replace them when the blooms fade if you want.

Kitchen herb gardens will work well if you have a VERY sunny wall - herbs need about 6 hours of direct light every day.

We'll have more plant lists up on our website soon, but basically, match the plant to the amount of light you have, water sparingly (just once or twice a week, and always on the "tongue"), and have fun! Your plants will love living in Pockets.

Plant Suggestions for a Woollypocket Planter
1/4/11 08:04 PM