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So, I remember this being posted the first time around and truthfully, I wrinkled my nose at it.

Then a friend served it as dessert last fall. It was AMAZING. Simple amazing. I thought she had added something to it, in order to doctor up the recipe. The texture and taste were perfect. Turns out, she had not. It was just banana.

She also had some cinnamon, slivered almonds and shaved chocolate for people to add as toppings, which was also great but not necessary.

Anyone that is skeptical really needs to try this.

How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient! Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/29/14 11:05 PM

I have to agree that while the finishes are attractive, the layout, particularly the sink to stove distance would not be something I would enjoy.

I also add to Brian's comment to say that this really isn't MCM and the comment about the former homeowner's redoing a 30 year old kitchen is "unfortunate" is rather ironic, as that is what was done here.

Kitchen Before & After: A Kitchen Goes Back to Its Mid-Century Roots Reader Kitchen Remodel
7/29/14 04:56 PM

I am actually eating carrots as I type this. One of our local farm to table restaurants has rainbow carrots which include purple and white.

I need to check out this World Carrot Museum!

Why Carrots Are Orange and Not Purple Food History
7/29/14 04:53 PM

Beautiful space! Congrats on your new home and renovation.

Rachel's First Place (and It's Great!) House Call
7/29/14 11:57 AM


No, this is not the future of office furniture. Sort of silly to think that it would be.

Is a Giant Rock the Office Furniture of the Future? Design News
7/25/14 02:54 PM

>First, absolutely wait on changing the kitchen layout until you've *really* cooked in it.

This is great advice.

Before & After: Jennifer's Sleek Shades of Gray The Big Reveal
7/24/14 02:27 PM

Great roundup. I'm bookmarking this and sending it to a few friends.

Shoes as Art: 10 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
7/24/14 02:05 PM

Thanks, this is very helpful!

Nutrition Data Is Now Available on Recipes from The Kitchn Editor Announcement
7/23/14 11:11 PM

Would french women judge neighbors that were trying to be helpful?

5 \"French Women\" Strategies for a Healthy Home
7/23/14 01:37 PM

The marble looks great - very classic and old school. I think the grout looks fine? I wouldn't have even looked at the color unless you'd mentioned it.

The wood looks great, too. You guys are moving at record pace.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/22/14 01:56 PM

The numbered descriptions don't match the pictures.

Perfect for Stylish Language Lovers: Grammatically Speaking Etsy Finds
7/22/14 01:04 PM

I have been good about doing this with linens, but probably need to be better about this with dishes. Thanks for the reminder.

One Simple, Smart Idea: Rotate Your Everyday Household Items
7/22/14 12:28 PM

I actually prefer the authentic look of the "before" pics.

Great redo and good use of small space with the corner cabinet.

Before & After: Adrienne's $5,000 Fixer-Upper Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/21/14 02:16 PM

Love how clean and minimal this turned out. I think the decision to forgo upper cabinets is spot on.

If it were me, I would add a few glass or metal shelves to add some additional storage.

Before & After: Evangelina's All-White Kitchen Renovation The Big Reveal
7/17/14 05:39 PM

Love that you removed the walls for a more open space!

Your dogs look so sweet in that last photo.

Before & After: Karin's Updated Scandinavian-Style Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/17/14 05:36 PM

I was hoping there would be some new information or tools listed in this post as well.

I have a DW but we do most of the pots and pans by hand. I have an electric kettle to heat water for tea, which I run to full boil. I add a bit of dish soap and pour boiling water, which usually melts all the food away.

For anything that has a lid - such as tupperware that I take to work - I add a few drops of dish soap and some warm water and then seal the lid. Vigorously shake for a few seconds and a lot of the food residue will be removed. It still needs to be washed but this initial step helps.

Our Best Tips for Life Without a Dishwasher
7/17/14 12:36 PM

You guys have made a lot of progress in just one week!

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Building Back Up Renovation Diary
7/17/14 12:22 PM

We also use our regular grill to make pizzas.

Although these ovens are attractive, they take up a lot of space which is something most apartment dwellers don't have.

5 Backyard Pizza Ovens Making Us Super Jealous Right Now
7/17/14 12:18 PM

I don't ask, because I don't really care what others are paying.

I have not been offended when people ask me and answer truthfully.

Would You (Could You?!?) Talk About Your Rent with Your Neighbors? Renter's Solutions
7/17/14 12:13 PM

Love the idea and agree that any bold color (cobalt, eggplant) could be substituted here.

A Little Goes a Long Way: A Bold Dose of Hot Pink Around the House
7/16/14 04:50 PM