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What?!! mind blowing. Does this really work? My Korean mother buys a huge box of garlic every fall for her batch of kimchee and our family has to sit around for DAYS! peeling garlic.

Smart Tip: Peel an Entire Head of Garlic in 10 Seconds

9/28/11 10:36 AM

yeah, .. I'd rather use a spice grinder instead.

Video: Super-Charge Your Pepper Grinder
9/26/11 10:24 AM

I've always wanted to try potting them since the roots are always intact when I buy them. I will definitely try doing that after reading the comments!

The Best Way To Store Scallions
4/25/11 08:36 PM

Oh my. I just made these and they are absolutely delicious.

Easy Party Appetizer: Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper
2/17/11 07:50 PM

amazing idea if it was tasty, but pointless if it wasn't.

Jelloware Edible Cups (P.S. They're Vegan!)
1/13/11 03:43 PM

I know the lovely folks over at Steptoe and Wife and have seen their products before. Their staircases are truly breathtaking and built to last many lifetimes. And the coffee table with the skull is awesome, and not at all creepy.

Courtney & Trevor's Playfully Sophisticated Pad
House Tour

1/4/11 05:44 PM