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microwave. lived w/o for over a year and still loving it not being in my kitchen!

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/12/14 01:11 PM

Oh WOW, I think this might just be my favorite house tour ever! I'm in Seattle too… can I come live with you guys? Beautiful… just beautiful. Well done!

Emily and Kai's Thoughtful and Stunning Abode House Tour
4/20/14 08:22 PM

I want to live in the last house… with the 2 purple chairs and the maroon sofa and blue brick wall w/ floor to ceiling windows. love.

Maroon Accents: 5 Rooms that Get it Right
3/31/14 07:06 PM

Stumps. Dig out any stumps you have lingering in your yard! We had a large bush that we cut down when we moved in our new house. The stump from it was only about 2" high - just enough to forget it was there. I was chasing my 3 year old around in January, tripped while running full speed, flew about 7 feet (yes, my husband measured it) and landed flat on my face in the driveway. Broke my nose, ripped the skin off the bridge of my nose (DOWN TO THE BONE!) and needed 13 stitches. Its still not healed b/c it keeps getting infected (lots of gravel and debris in the wound). So please… if you remove any trees, bushes, whatever… just go the extra mile and dig out the stump that is left. I learned the hard way. Sucks.

Stay Safe: Everyday Dangers at Home
2/24/14 01:16 PM

washi tape tree = sad kids
really, please don't do this to your child.

DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives
12/19/13 08:48 PM

yes, please let us know the beautiful color blue you used... love love love!!!

Michelle, Rob & Kaia's True Antique House Call
3/29/13 05:34 PM

Rex Ray! REX RAY!!! Worked with him when I was a graphic designer at BGP... awesome guy, awesome talent. Great stuff!

Jinsoo's Artful Artifice and Artifacts Loft House Tour
10/19/12 03:37 PM

Hate it. I'm debating even bothering to read it anymore. Part of the draw to the site was the beautiful design... its painful to look at now.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/9/12 10:29 AM