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One of my very good friends goes one better on the guestbook idea. She has a large blank canvase hanging on her entryway wall just behind where the front door opens. Every guest signs it the first time they come over to the house. It's a great visual piece and over the years she has all sorts of different signatures with personal notes, drawings and the like. She even had a pizza delivery boy think it was so neat, he wanted to sign it, and she let him! Several of the people have passed on and it makes for a special keepsake. Once it is filled she can simply cover it with a protective coating and hang a new one!

Add a Guest Book to Your Home
7/29/11 10:47 AM

Those coasters with the stand in photo #11 must've been popular back in the day! I have the exact same set on my coffee table that I purchased at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I love them and they go with just about any style. That's the first time I've ever seen anyone else with them.

Monica's Handmade Modern Hollywood Home
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6/2/11 12:34 PM

Check out the CSN stores. I want to say that they are called Toro or something like that. I remember we bought some for an interior design studio about a year ago. They looked very similar.

Where To Find Similar Bar Stools?
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4/20/11 07:29 AM

I'd go with the Dyson. If budget is a concern, I purchased a floor model DC-17 (the model before the ball) from a showroom in CA on ebay for much less than retail (I think around $150 incl S&H). It looks great, has several attachments and it works perfectly. I have two Pugs at home and if you've never had Pugs, they shed year round! I've heard that the special pet model of the Dyson is not very good, although they may have made changes to improve it since I last heard.

Hope that helps!

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4/13/11 02:08 PM

I LOVE these chairs. I really like the ones shown in jy196's link, the ones that Kelly is sitting in at the top of the article. What a fun shaped for the dome. I think that the bones of the RH version are perfect, I think it needs a designer's touch with maybe a painted frame and better fabric. The chair is perfect for applying two or more fabrics to for a real impact.

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/25/11 02:15 PM

Instead of going for a separated bedroom (which I think would make the space seem tighter), embrace the fact that the space is tiny. Place your sofa on the wall to the right with your tv across from it on the bathroom wall. Line your bed up lengthwise under both windows. A simple coverlet change and an assortment of pillows allows your bed to become a daybed for additional seating if you have guests. Flank the sofa with two end table with lamps and the one in the top right corner could double as a beside table with an alarm clock. You should probably consider end tables with a drawer for storage of more private items for the bedroom. Get a small rectangular coffee table for in front of the sofa but consider a glass top to reduce the perceived space it will take up. Acrylic would be a great option as well. As far as dividing up kitchen from the rest of the space, you could get a narrow sofa table, one without a shelf on the bottom, that you could pull barstools up to from the kitchen side for eating. It's just wide enough for a plate and drink but will do in a pinch. Plus, you can decorate it with flowers or something simple when not being used for dining.

How To Arrange Furniture In Studio Apartment?
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3/18/11 01:30 PM

Depending on whether or not you have to have the doors on the front, I would consider picking up two replica steamer trunks, butting them up against each other. You could then also place a board on top across both so you have a sturdy surface. Simply stain or paint it to match the color of the trunks. It may not be an exact replicated look; but, it will certainly give off the same vibe.

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3/1/11 09:09 AM

Check out the Sugatsune line of hardware. They have great modern pieces.

Recommend Modern & Simple Knobs For Cabinet?
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2/28/11 09:54 AM

This is terrible! The idea of little chubby legs and arms protruding from drawer fronts! Not only that can you imagine what that doll's hair will look like in a year after steamy showers and the hairspray usage of a teenage girl. Might as well hang a toilet brush on the wall!

DIY Doll Drawer Pulls
2/17/11 09:45 AM

When I was 14 my mother had an open house after we moved into an old Victorian home in the country. She invited friends, family and neighbors and had finger foods and such. Two of my cousins were horsing around as they came in the front door, one bumped into the other one and her elbow went through the large plate glass in the front door. What made it worse was 1) the sound of crashing glass echoing through the house, 2) it was original wavy glass from when the home was constructed. I'm sure that was terribly embarrassing for her. On the plus side, my mother got a fresh piece of glass laser etched with a nice design on it!

Embarrassing Small Space Problems — Solved
2/17/11 09:43 AM

The question is how to repurpose and I heartily agree! What a great piece of americana. I would clean it up, perhaps repaint it? Depending on your colors in the new space, you could go for something funky like an awesome 50s turquoise or you could simply repaint white. Off season clothing is a great idea for storage use. You could also look into using it as a television or media storage. Have a wooden inset built that has shelves and you can utilize hardware that allows for the insert to be pulled up and locked. Think about it like one of those cool cabinets at the end of a bed where the television rises up out of the top. It could be a great way to store bookshelves as well or simply pull up a cabinet from withing to utilize it as a serving space for parties? The possibilities really are endless. You could even paint with a cool graphic stencil in black on white....I could go on and on.....

How To Repurpose Vintage Freezer?
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1/31/11 01:27 PM

That Oprah closet IS her closet at HARPO. That closet is inside her enormous office. So, it has a television in it probably so she can see what is going on at the set while getting ready, like seeing the audience filing in and watching her staff pumping up the audience for the show. I can't imagine what her home closets must look like.

A Peek into Celebrity Closets
1/27/11 09:01 AM

What a terrible layout! I wish builders would learn to consider interior design when designing their floorplans. It's almost impossible to arrange furniture to make that the focal point. I think Kjersti's idea is great; but, you're looking at a lot of work to tear into that fire box and then you'll be messing with codes and such.

Wrapping built-ins around the sides is another great idea; but, by adding millwork you are adding more work. I notice you have no crown molding now which you would surely need to add if you wrap that facade in millwork.

Here's what I think. Lose the tile surround and hearth. Put in a fireplace insert that is gas or alternative fuel (you can even get ventless). This lets you lose the hearth since there are no "sparks" that could come out of the firebox and catch any surrounding areas on fire.

Now you can fill the hearth area with hardwood to match what is existing (be sure to blend it with the existing, don't just fill the patch). Cover the three sides of the fireplace with a nice stacked stone material and add drama by installing can lighting on all three sides that will wash down the stone walls and create shadows to show off the textural aspect of the stacked stone.

Your space is tight enough already. Adding a mantle will just impede into your space further and will probably just get knicked or run into as you move through the space.

The builder has already made it clear that the fireplace is not a focal point, so I say go with it!

Here are some ideas of what the stacked stone could look like when lit, very dramatic and a great first look when entering your condo:

Ideas for Awkwardly Located Fireplace?
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1/4/11 09:36 AM