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love the choice of pattern and colours :)

Before & After: Adding Pattern and Color to a Slipper Chair
Confessions of a DIY-aholic

10/29/11 12:29 AM

I heart you Sherry :)

Step by Step: How to Paint a Fireplace
Young House Love

10/20/11 07:06 PM

love that blue hat/coat rack. Note to self: colour changes EVERYTHING

Best Foot Forward: Shoe Storage and Organization
10/14/11 12:19 AM

love the idea, but I'd want quite a "simple" area around it so not to clutter

A Colorful, Damask-Print Entry Door
10/12/11 05:51 AM


Before & After: Vintage Slim Jim Chair Gets a Makeover
9/23/11 06:50 PM

wow- insane what a bit of paint can do!

Before & After: A Kitchen Overhaul Complete with Painted Cabinets
The Color Cure

8/14/11 04:37 AM

loooove the first one. Might have to get a 'lounge' in my dining area

Studios With Style: Studio Kitchens from Around the Web
8/3/11 05:16 AM

I can only handle the super pale pink. That said, our bedroom is super super pale and every night when I go to bed, I consider repainting or death.

From Pale to Powerful: Which Pink is Too Pink?
8/3/11 05:14 AM

love it! You've given me hope!

Before & After: A Garden Transformation Story
8/3/11 05:10 AM

love seeing creative ways of displaying plants... a few thrifted suitcases would make fantastic 'pots' for a small balcony in the city..

Liven Up Your Luggage: Succulents in Suitcases
8/2/11 01:07 AM

Something less desirable (like a uni essay, family phone call, client work...) that needs to be done... Cleaning is the ultimate task in the art or procrastination! Well... that and the knowledge that when it's finished, I can relax in a clean and lovely smelling home...

What Inspires You to Clean?
7/19/11 05:30 AM

much better... sigh :)

Before & After: Jazzing Up an Ikea Desk
7/19/11 05:26 AM

I'd be pumping the neutrals with those walls. Any more colours and I'd have an epileptic fit.

How To Tone Down Bright Walls In Rental?
Good Questions

7/13/11 08:01 PM

hmmm it's got me thinking what I can do in our L shaped lounge/dining (which we have NEVER dined in)

Break Free of the Wall: Sofas on the Diagonal
6/24/11 02:35 AM

I can't handle it. Ceiling same colour as walls? Not ok. you need some contrast and some light.

Matching Ceiling Paint: Design Do or Don't?
6/24/11 02:34 AM

hells to the no. I want to enjoy the garden and the outdoors and when I'm inside, even at night, need the outdoor connection. And really, it looks like a car park. I could not happily drive up to my house after work, instead I'd think, "oh that's right, the world is ending"

Would You Live in This Safe House?
6/9/11 07:24 AM

Paint. If you are even asking the question, it means the wood is less than impressive. Paint, paint, paint!

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/2/11 06:39 PM

love the warmth the soft lighting brings. Also adore the knobs on the drawers and doors- details like that are what really make homes personal

Before & After: Julia & Adam's Budget Bungalow Kitchen
5/27/11 12:10 AM

love, love, LOVE it! It adds instant texture and life to a room.

Exposed Brick: Love It or Hate It?
4/21/11 08:26 PM

I'm a big fan of the messy-but practical garden. Living in the driest state in the driest continent (Australia) I'm also big on drought tolerant, hardy plants. I envy the English cottage garden, but I'm finding some beautiful plants that do really well in my neglectful hands!

What's Your Gardening Style?
4/21/11 08:18 PM