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If you painted the inside of the area where the candles are a darker color, it would look even more "fireplace-like". I think this is so creative and clever that I'm wondering if there is a place in our home for something similar!

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: DIY a Faux Fireplace Before After
9/29/09 07:35 PM

It might be possible to re-glue the handle, my guess is that it wasn't glued with glue that is appropriate to the type of wood. It looks like it might be teak, and I know that teak is very oily and hard to glue.

Most cities have stores that cater to woodworkers and also woodworking schools; I would check in with woodworking supply store and ask their advice.

If it was my dresser, I would probably "pin" the handle with really skinny dowels as well as glue it, (drilling very thin holes through the back of the drawer wood into the handle, and then glue the dowels through as well as gluing the long edge together) A tricky repair, but not impossible...

Good luck

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To Repair Broken Dresser Handle? Good Questions
9/29/09 07:23 PM

Earlier this year, I tried to make liquid soap from bar soap, following the online instructions you (jessiepants) posted...I had found the instructions to be quite straightforward, and was completely unsuccessful with the project. I ended up with a gallon of the most disgusting slime, that was not workable in a soap dispenser. When I tried to remove it from the jar with a ladle, it basically slithered back down into the jar.

I eventually added more water, attempting to get something that would work in my soap dispenser, but that made the soap too diluted to get my hands clean. I used a Kirks castile soap bar for the soap, as that was the most unadulterated soap I could find to start with...

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I did wrong, or what would work better in the future?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Is There a Way To Turn Leftover Hand Soap Into Liquid? Good Question
9/28/09 06:34 PM

Youve done a great job of turning the look of the place around, and I'm glad to hear that the resident is happy with your changes. I'd love to see what you could do somewhere with the same small budget, but with a full week...

Apartment Therapy New York | Hell’s Kitchen Studio Makeover: Part 3 – Bedroom Guest Post from Danny Seo
9/18/09 01:31 PM

I'm wondering if they are some kind of base for a modern style glider rocker?? just guessing

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Plywood Mystery Item? Good Questions
9/16/09 10:04 PM

If you follow the link to the Etsy shop where these are being sold, the listed prices are for the completed chandeliers, and it says that a kit is available at a deeply discounted price...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | DIY Paper Clip Chandelier Kits
9/14/09 10:30 PM

That tiny green side table is just lovely, is it something that is currently available?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Unconventional Furniture Placement
9/10/09 11:58 AM

I want to use this idea for small craft items, like buttons and pins and things - same idea of small jars and rare earth magnets - the creator has a DIY tutorial here, and the jars are available

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Small Space Solution: Magnetic Spice Jars
9/4/09 08:14 PM

Changing a gas line is rather expensive, and your landlord may not want to do that. All the suggestions about enclosing the water heater sound like good ones, I have my waterheater surrounded by three louvered doors hinged together, which allow free air flow but make it less "ugly".

One possibility would be to move the fridge so it was blocking the cabinet to the right of it, depending on how much you have stored in that cabinet, and how much space you can free up by moving things around, it would look a bit odd, but allow a bit of breathing room between the appliances.

My only other suggestion is if it is possible to move the fridge out of the kitchen into an adjacent room...I know that sounds odd, but if there is a really close spot nearby it is not as inconvenient as it sounds. We once lived in a place where the fridge was in the utility room next to the kitchen, and it worked really well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To Deal with Awkward Kitchen Layout? Good Questions
9/4/09 07:52 PM

without seeing the underside of your ironing board, which is where the up/down mechanism lives, it will be difficult for someone else to figure out what has gone wrong... Can you perhaps turn the ironing board upside down, with the ironing surface to the floor? Carefully look at how it all works, and see if you can figure out which lever or button is intended to release the legs and allow it to "flatten" If you can get a friend to help, have them hold the legs of the ironing board while you try the mechanism. Be careful. Most ironing boards have pretty simple "works", but they do occasionally break. Good luck.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How Can I "Un-Stick" My Ironing Board? Good Question
9/4/09 02:23 PM

loofahs - yes
latex - no

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 75 Things You Can Compost: Who Knew?
9/4/09 02:17 PM

our tiny home has a name: "Acorn Cottage", and a description: "Modern Eclectic Whimsical Handicrafted: Pacific Rim meets Danish Modern, with a dash of McMenamins and Karl Larsson"...The "acorn" part came from imagery that had been significant to me for years, and the description is a kind of condensed design/style statement from the last AT Cure, as a way of making easier decisions about home decor.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Do You Describe Your Home?
9/2/09 07:19 PM

I use Lyles Golden Syrup as a substitute for corn syrup when making pecan pie. It works perfectly, has a delicious subtle flavor, and allows me to assure my guests that there is no corn syrup in the pie. (I have two friends with severe corn allergies)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ingredient Spotlight: Lyle's Golden Syrup
8/31/09 11:32 AM

"can't sleep, clowns will eat me..."

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Hot or Not: Lladro Clown Lamp
8/25/09 10:56 PM

It looks like not only were the appliances painted, but also the range hood, the walls and the countertop. I'd be curious to know how well this will hold up to actual active kitchen use, as opposed to just looking nice in a photo... Vent hoods tend to need to be cleaned pretty thoroughly or else they get greasy, and counters get wiped down and scrubbed on a regular basis. Is there really a paint that will hold up to stuff like that and not wear away or peel off ?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How to... Makeover with Appliance Paint
8/20/09 11:19 AM

Most, though not all, aluminum is recycled. The process to refine"new" aluminum is so much more expensive than recycling, that for decades aluminum has brought a comparatively premium price from dealers in recycled metals.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bio-Luminum: Recycled Airplane Tiles
8/20/09 11:01 AM

Most, though not all, aluminum is recycled. The process to refine"new" aluminum is so much more expensive than recycling, that for decades aluminum has brought a comparatively premium price from dealers in recycled metals.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Bio-Luminum: Recycled Airplane Tiles
8/20/09 11:01 AM

Our living room is too small for a couch, we have two vintage tub chairs that act a a couch analog...

See sketch: here

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Breaking the Rules: Rooms That Go Without
8/19/09 10:47 PM

I think this is something that looks a lot nicer in a staged magazine photograph than it would in use in a real kitchen where people cook. I like the idea of hanging storage for utensils, if that works in a particular kitchen. The paper labels on fruit cans will be difficult to clean without damaging them, and you would need to be very careful not to get the cans wet

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Turn Your Empty Cans into Storage for Kitchen ToolsHGTV
8/19/09 11:34 AM

While rosemary is not my favorite herb (I am partial to thyme), a friend made rosemary shortbread as her contribution to a memorial potluck supper, and it was astonishingly tasty. I never would have thought of adding rosemary to a sweet, but I wish now that I had asked for the recipe

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | From the Herb Garden: Rosemary
8/19/09 11:15 AM