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Diptyque for me are the most sublime scented candles. Expensive but they burn for hours and smell divine. My favourite is Feu de Bois (woodsmoke) but there are others I love almost as much.

Scented vs. Unscented Candles
1/10/11 03:58 PM

We're all way too attached to our computers, phones and iPods, to the point that switching off and taking time just to contemplate the world around us seems like a radical idea. At Christmas I spent a happy few hours drawing cartoons with my eight year old daughter, something I haven't done since I was little. No phone, no computer, no rushing around, just the sounds of happy sketching.

My 20 Days Without Media: The Value Of Staring At The Wall
1/3/11 04:29 PM

How about throwing away less food? We're encouraged to think that anything past its sell by date should be treated as toxic waste but if it looks okay and smells okay, don't be afraid to trust your instincts. Buying less food in the first place also helps so, time permitting, shop little and often.

10 Green New Year's Resolutions
1/3/11 04:11 PM

Due to a 'change in circumstances' (real estate speak for divorce) my daughter and I are about to move from a big house to a small apartment. The thing is I'm excited about moving to a smaller space, especially when I see apartments like this one. So inspiring.

Lauren's Tiny 400-Square-Foot Cozy Apartment
Green Tour

1/2/11 11:19 AM