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Just so you know New York is NOT part of "New England" but VERMONT is. Many interesting places are in Vermont if you look. Makes me sad.

United States of Design Road Trips: The Northeast
7/17/11 05:24 PM

I agree, unfortunately our front porch faces a basketball court where I see teenagers and hear their music blaring from their cars. So sad

Musings on the Front Porch Rocking Chair
6/23/11 05:49 PM

or you could save a bunch and use a cliboard

No More Cookbook Stands: The Recipe Rock
3/27/11 07:52 AM

Paper towels for animal messes! It is just too gross to clean up animal fluids with anything else.

What Can't You Seem To Give Up For Sustainability?
3/7/11 03:50 PM

I think Jill's work is original and beautiful. She is one of the few artist I would pay $950 for an original piece of work from.

House Portraits: Custom Work by Jill Bliss
12/31/10 04:20 PM