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I think they look very good in shape, therefore I would keep the one in the bedroom and the en-suite-one. For the bedroom: the darkness of the room shouldn't matter, because you are using it for sleeping mostly.
You could re-paint the fronts in different colors or get new hooks or but tapestry in the back, but I actually like them as they are.

For the guest-room I am not sure. I don't like the desktop plus towers on both sides. It looks over-crowded.

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5/16/14 08:06 AM

Ever thought about Pastell-Lavender? It also helps to keep bugs away. Perfect for kitchens.

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5/15/14 08:14 AM

I am a native German speaker and would recommend "Handys checken" for No. 2.

"Handy" is the German word for mobile phone and the "s" in the ending is the plural-form.
We use a lot of english-sounding words in our language. If the word is a verb we just add the German ending, like in "checkEN". You could even add "jedermann", which means "everybody".
"Handys checken, jedermann".

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I do even do reduce the white sugar in American recipes by half and never substitute with more fluids or other ingredients. Never did any harm to the cookies or cakes. Reducing the brown sugar is a little more tricky I find. I do that as well but not as much as the white sugar.

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12/31/10 03:22 PM