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Hi Everyone, This apartment is definitely a rental so I cannot remove the shelves over the fireplace. I really like the suggestions about putting the TV over the radiator sitting next to the wall,I never thought of this. I currently have the Tv sitting on an Ikea Tv stand. It is located in front of the window looking out at the brick wall and to the right of the fireplace. A friend of mine also suggesting mounting the Tv on and in front of the shelves on top of the fireplace. The Couch is currently sitting in front of the fireplace allowing the fireplace to be the focal point of the room. Although it is not a working fireplace I would like to design the room as if it were. Perhaps adding candles or other accents inside.
Behind the couch and to the right of the bay windows is an empty wall that I have to use as storage. The draw back to this place is there is not a lot of closet space. I only have two existing closets.One in master bedroom and another in the second bedroom. I was thinking to use the wall and add wall to ceiling Ikea "Pax" wardrobe systems for more closet space.
How can I add more pictures to this thread? Also, Does anyone know of a website that I can use to create an easy floor plan layout to give more of an idea on the layout? Sorry I am very new to this. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Help Arranging Living and Dining in This Room?
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