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Good attempt, but cleaning in the WRONG order. When I was in college, I worked for a maid service, where we were taught to clean a room from top to bottom, and move clockwise around the room. For example, dust first and start at the top - dust off all ceiling fixtures, lampshades, picture frames and any hanging items over furniture. Second, dust wood furniture. Third, dust baseboards. By dusting clockwise, from top to bottom, you allow any dust that your dustcloth made airborne to settle on the soft furnishings (sofa, chairs) and carpets. Fourth, vacuum the upholstry and any curtains and soft furnishings. Fifth, sweep any hardwood floors in the room/vacuum carpets; moving furniture once a month for a deep sweep/vacuum. Sixth, damp mop any uncarpeted floors. Remember, top to bottom, clockwise in the room for each pass (type of cleaning). It is a really efficient way to clean.

Day 1: Clean One Room
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/24/11 05:07 PM

Welcoming and friendly; I can imagine all the peaceful days spent there and wish I had a place just like it. Can you adopt me for a week so I can chill out? I am a great cook!

My Parents' Beloved Lake House
House Tour

10/17/11 03:10 PM

More on this DIY cat bed at

The moderncat blog also has several other DIY projects for cats (and their owners) who enjoy good design. While this cat bed (and the room design) are not my taste, I still appreciate the beauty of the design.

Minimalist DIY Pet Bed
12/27/10 03:19 PM