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I love all these rooms! I have a sofa in my kitchen. It's a long room with a bay window ~ perfect spot to lounge/visit. But then I also have FLOR carpet tiles in my kitchen so...

Comfy Cooking: Armchairs in the Kitchen Kitchen Inspiration
9/6/12 10:20 AM

And you left out "those who hate mid-century modern"...

From Walls To Floor: Mega Mid-Century Decor
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

1/25/11 08:50 PM

I love it. I love the colors. The imbedded sea glass in the counter is cool. Plus I love that it's real. It's not some phony, fakey showroom devoid of life. SOUL!

Penny's Mermaid-Hued Kitchen Tour on The Kitchn
1/21/11 06:48 PM

Love the dog. Too cute. Also I love white interiors with wood. So yeah your place is swell!

Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's Summer Cottage in the City
Green Tour

1/20/11 07:11 PM

I'm from Minnesota and have milkweed mixed in with Blue Cone Flower and every summer I am lucky to have countless Monarchs and Tiger Swallowtails in my garden. Native plants rock!!

Attracting Monarch Butterflies: What to Plant
Los Angeles Times

1/20/11 07:07 PM

I have to agree with mbinaustin. The before could've benefited from a few tweeks but it was cozy and "real" ~ the after seems cold & generic (and staged).

Before & After: Tammy's Redesigned Living Room & Foyer
1/14/11 10:51 PM

I love this place. It looks like a real live human being lives here. So many of the tours look soulless. This apt. could tell stories. Kudos!

Suki's Small Studio in Seattle
House Call

1/14/11 09:57 PM

I am a long time visitor to AT. But have never commented before. This post pushed me to register.

I'm in my 40's so I think I maybe be a bit older than most. I'd like to share a bit of wisdom with the youthful couple in this post.

"Where YOU go, there YOU are." Be it in a more "Eurocentric" city or someplace you perceive to be less, shall we say "hip", it's you that defines your "space" (literally or figuratively) and not vice versa.

Also there are many others in Milwaukee who have keen design sense so please don't think only "hip" cities corner the market on style. And fyi I am NOT from Milwaukee.

Michael & Danijela's Modern Minimal Milwaukee Home
House Tour

12/23/10 05:38 PM