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http://www.cliqstudios.com, made in Wisconsin. They sometimes have free shipping specials, and the cabinets come fully assembled. Reasonable prices, very nice quality and no MDF. They're also great at helping you select your layout.

Renovation Resources: 10 Brands of American Made Kitchen Cabinetry
5/9/12 12:32 PM

This reminds me of my grandmother's house in Northern Minnesota. What a beautiful garden and home you have created! I like those original cute shutters, too, but everything else is beyond perfect...

Before & After: A Garden Transformation Story
8/2/11 01:03 PM

Wow. Completely different experience for us. Here's the review I posted at Room and Board for this mattress:

Finally, after saying I had to change our mattress for over a year, I found this pocket coil mattress that most reminded me of some of the boutique hotels in Europe!

I came into R&B with my husband expecting to buy the 100% latex mattress based on my research. The store only had single-size mattresses to try, but we both climbed in. The latex was comfortable, but I felt my husband tossing and turning. He left the store, and I decided to try the other mattresses. I hadn't even considered a pocket coil mattress.

Of primary importance to me:
*firm for chronic backaches, but still comfortable
*natural and/or organic for limited or no mattress off-gassing
*limited motion transfer from tossing and turning

I tried this pocket coil with latex topper and I knew this was the one. Extremely comfortable and yet firm[...]I was able to test the tossing and turning aspect [and it was the best of the bunch]. Plus, it's wrapped in organic cotton and (organic?) wool -- wool helps for a more restful sleep. And I still got latex in the construction with the 2" topper.

I already had an Asian platform bed with slats. I wish I had ordered R&B's bunky board with the same delivery; I may buy or fabricate one. A bunky board is a 2" platform to put on the slats of your bed so that the mattress doesn't dip down below the platform level -- it makes it easier to tuck the bedsheets in. It's not necessary for the mattress, however.

It's now been about a month. We couldn't be happier. It was pricier than I had planned to spend, but certainly not as expensive as other stores. Considering that my back has ceased hurting, it's worth every dime. Additionally, both of us sleep more restfully. I can even sleep just under seven hours and feel well rested! I highly recommend this mattress.

Review: Encased Coil Natural Mattress by Room & Board
A Year in Bed

5/2/11 01:02 PM

I have no idea yet, but in my recent research, sleeping on wool helps with restive sleep, supposedly minimizing the tossing and turning. We just bought a new mattress and it has a cotton and wool topping. I also just ordered a cotton and wool mattress pad.

Now on night three, my husband appears to be tossing and turning way less. Is it the new, firmer mattress, the wool, or the newness of it all?

How To Get a Really Good Night's Sleep
10 Sleep Tips

3/14/11 03:42 PM