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Some great blogs here but no Big Fat Daddy's BBQ I have to say I'm a grill freak.

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3/5/12 08:37 AM

I totally want to pin this to pinterest I love the use of colors on these mugs, so them!

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12/18/11 05:18 PM

Love, love, LOVE this. Who would have thought craftsman tool cabinets could look so well in the kitchen? It is amazing. I also love the old gas station? numbers above the bed. I so enjoyed this and love living retro and farmhouse finds. How inspirational.

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10/4/11 12:08 PM

I cannot believe this, what a great solution to extend an applicance's life. Too many people are trading in and trading up when a box of wax paper will prove a viable solution. Thanks so much for this!

Hot Tip: Use Wax Paper To Revive Non-Stick Appliances
10/4/11 12:03 PM

Finally got to try this, as fall is here I needed to use up all my tomato stragglers. Yummy!

Italian Macaroni Salad, Cornmeal Cake & Hamburger Buns
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10/4/11 12:01 PM

I love the mix of modern and antique, it just fits together like bread and butter. However, when I try this in my own home I don't get the same effect. Your "less is more" theme really works here. I love it. Nothing like mixing old and new and getting them to blend. To heck with catering you need to do interior design for a living.

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12/19/10 02:19 PM

I absolutely adore these house and apartment tours. I don't know what it is about viewing everyone else's homes but I'm in awe of this one, I love the stenciled sheep and think it's adorable as it is.

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12/19/10 02:14 PM