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Considering a Miele canister-either S4 or S5. I keep reading conflicting advice about whether I need an electric-powered model or air powered (with Turbo head/Parquet floor tool). approx 1000sq ft, mostly parquet, a few antique oriental rugs, and a cat with moderate shedding. I've heard from the Miele specialist at my local place that the electric decision has nothing to do with pet hair on rugs--it's about depth of carpeting. But a dealer (who was not trying to sell-I read it at a review site-no sales attached) said the turbo head of his demo clogs and would advice power for pets. And at the vacuum repair/sales place, the guy had similar remarks. I mostly raves, but a few thumbs down about air-driven models for pets on Amazon. I'm inclined to go air - better price and I'm not sure I need the extra weight of the wand and $$. I'm leaning toward an S4 Neptune. (I'll use an extension cord and carry the tools in a fanny pack) Appreciate any input. Has anyone tried the generic bags? I have a little moth problem so until it's cleared up, I might need to change bags more frequently. Thanks

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12/19/10 01:23 PM