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I got the urban outfitters couch about a month and half ago because of the price, looks, and i had to have a sofa bed for overnight guests. My only gripe is that it was super hard. The bottom cushions have broken in and are comfortable, almost a tempur pedic feel to them, but the top cushions are still pretty hard. A little harder to break them in because not all your weight is on them but I think after someone sleeps on it a couple times, it should be good. What was cool is that it's listed as 480 and 100 dollars to ship but I only paid 510 total so I guess they didn't charge me for shipping. It was a blind faith buy but I'm pleased.

Here's a grainy pic i took with my iphone.


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6/1/08 10:47 PM

Thanks for the response! Well it could very well be the couch from UO then because mine is a sofa bed too. I got it online for $510 dollars and it looks just like that. Oh wait i'll just post a link:


I still haven't assembled it b/c I'm moving to San Clemente in 2 weeks! Hooray!

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4/25/08 01:41 PM

I think I just bought that couch from Urban Outfitters (which i know is about the furniture equivalent to buying clothes at forever 21) and that afghan on there is making me nervous. I haven't assembled it yet, does it suck?

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4/24/08 08:13 PM

me me me!

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Me Me Me!

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But what if you had to get out real quick?? That would suck if you had to drain the whole tub if you just forgot to get your magazine. And furthermore, I like to do stuff while my bath is running. You would have to sit in there the whole time your bath was running, right?

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3/12/08 07:57 AM

You know what? I think I will make one! Good idea to try and incorporate some kind of "flap" so I could store things in it. Maybe make it a bit taller also. Flor tiles sound like a good idea too. Thanks for the suggestions, they really helped! **Nicole

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2/1/08 01:01 PM


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