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Does anyone know a resource for finding estate sale listings in Sun City? I haven't had the best luck with Craigslist.

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6/17/09 02:58 PM

Cute rugs, but prices are in pounds sterling on the website.

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4/23/09 03:05 PM

If the other alternative were that my parents would live in a soulless nursing home or alone without proper care, then yes, I would. I owe them at least that much.

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1/22/09 02:31 PM

This is the original poster. There seems to be some suggestion that I'm somehow being extravagant in considering this purchase. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have never owned a sofa. The car I'm referring to was a $3500 used Accord. We saved up the cash to buy the one sofa we will ever own, which will surely outlive our car (and us). My point: luxury is quite available to anyone willing to pass up the lifetime accumulation of 5 West Elm-style couches for 1 great one, even for a couple of teachers like ourselves. What is embarrassing or flashy about waiting a decade for the right one?

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10/25/08 12:16 PM

My vote is also black. Could you tell us where you got it? I want.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: What Color Feet for the Sofa?Los Angeles
10/7/08 12:24 PM

This is Ginger: thanks to everyone for their helpful comments. My budget concern is really one of allocation. The couch is a screamin' deal (100 bucks) and I am willing to pay for a good upholsterer but it seems that a LOT of fabric is plain freakin' expensive so I was thinking I'd try to cut my costs there rather than on a good professional.

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5/10/08 12:51 PM

Pick me.

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1/24/08 09:07 AM

pick me!

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1/17/08 10:11 AM

My oldest piece is a foot-powered Singer sewing machine which belonged to my great-grandmother; I recently looked up the serial number and found out that it is turning 100 this year! It came to me with beautifully faded thread and fabric bits still in its drawers. My January project is to buy a belt for that bad boy and get it running for its second century!

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1/10/08 02:29 PM