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Hi everyone! It's Ellen. Thanks for the nice comments about our space and family! What a nice group here on The Kitchn.

To answer a few questions: The oven has no special requirements to install that I am aware of. It is a wide 30" oven if that makes a difference. We have had the hood repaired for faulty light sockets and the repairman is also certified to fix Blue Star but he says he never gets a repair call for them, haha.

The panels: they were fabricated by our contractor in his shop. They are made of metal with just cheap plywood and translucent plastic gator board for the panels. The idea was always to have open shelving but to have something to protect from water and grease.

I have to admit my husband and I are both tall and can reach what we need without a step stool. But to reach the very top shelf we use an Ikea BEKVAM stool and climb on the counter then stand on the counter to reach.

We have a drawer with a few sippy cups, but I have to admit to following Montessori methods so our son drinks mostly out of the Duralex drinking glasses next to the water crock.

The rest of our house is wonderful, we really enjoy loft living as it provides a lot of runway for our active family. It's really fun living here.

Thanks again.

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1/30/14 09:32 PM

Sunny, a term never used to describe anything in Holland until now!

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3/25/11 01:53 PM

We live in a 100 year old brick timber loft and if you have the brick tuck pointed properly, you shouldn't have issues. I've seen a few bugs here and there over time we've lived here but nothing more than we ever had in any other Chicago or NYC apartment.

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12/18/10 08:48 AM