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I have a pay washer/dryer in my building but sometimes if I am inclined to drive my car I will take my washing to work. Our office has a machine (that until i started using it was never used). This only works if we aren't seeing any clients that day and even better if I know I'll have the place to myself.

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3/7/08 01:59 PM

Hello. I have the same table in a finished metal. It is a French garden table that was picked up eons ago by a friend. I am not sure exactly where they found this but you may want to check the garden sites.

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3/5/08 01:23 PM

yes, please!

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2/28/08 08:50 AM

David Byrne. I bet it is simple, comfortable with a few odd bits thrown in.

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2/22/08 08:57 AM

By day: A lamp, a Jonathan Adler bird, alarm clock, nice glasses case (my cat will chew my glasses if left unprotected), and a red and white porcelain bowl that holds my various a.m. medications (oh joy) and ear plugs, and there is usually a stack of books next to the bed.

By night: Add my cellphone and my Sigg filled with water (on the floor usually).

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2/19/08 03:04 PM

We just finished a home installation where we did a Dining Room in DeGourney Wallpaper (the middle teal one in the final picture actually, though the color was a little different). It is absolutely stunning and impressive, but not for the faint of designing expenses heart. It is a serious investment, but if you can afford it, very worth it.

We remind our clients that if they move they can have the paper steamed and removed and use it again in a smaller room, on doors, as a accent detail or as framed panels.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hand-Painted Wallpaper from de Gournay
2/15/08 02:09 PM

I think it is pretty cool. And way to re-use rather than re-build.

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2/1/08 02:08 PM


That sucks.

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2/1/08 12:40 PM

Wait a minute! What! No more Blueprint?! The website doesn't indicate that and this is the first I heard of it. Does anyone know why?

Apartment Therapy New York | Jan Jumpstart Judge: Sarah Humphries from Martha Stewart
2/1/08 12:29 PM

i love those little felt slippers.

oh and 1 SEK = 0.15069 USD, so you aren't far off with the $700. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | I Heart Pia Wallen
2/1/08 12:16 PM

Loose messy slip covers that make a sofa look like a wrinkly elephant butt.

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1/31/08 02:51 PM

Lovely but not livable, and clearly not for red wine drinkers.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | All-White Interiors
1/31/08 12:02 PM

I agree with the general comments here. This seems a tad pointless for lighting and couldn't anyone stick a light bulb in a glass jar full of pins?

Though I did enjoyed some of her ceramic dishware designs.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pin Light by Kathleen Hills
1/29/08 02:47 PM

Hey Candice, I live in Seattle too. With our long grey days (though not today, it is gorgeous!) you need to have color that reflects light rather than increasing the (what can be) dreary din.

I think a bright white would really throw off, and cheapen, the other lovely improvements in your home. The green you currently have is lovely, but leans towards a grey-green rather than a green with more white in it that would reflect light.

If you like green I would stick with a light, more spring color. If you like the sage aspect then I would seek out a color with a bit more white balance. Benjamin Moore Historical Colors has some excellent choices for Seattle.

I have in some rooms of my apartment, especially my windowless dark bathroom, Farrow and Ball Archive 27, a creamy khaki color that is very dune like while playing well off the white and seafoam accents in the room. I would suggest a color like this, or even a bit lighter than that.

You can go a little darker than the taupe of the kitchen without feeling like you live in a cave.

Also just a suggestion but perhaps more light and from above would help the room feel bigger and brighter. You could hang a light fixture, even one that plugged into the wall in the corner between the High Fidelity poster and the shelving.

Good Luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: White Walls With These Floors?
1/25/08 12:13 PM

Also take a look at the ones from Sesame Letterpress, they are fantastic!


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1/24/08 10:52 AM

I know just the spot for it.

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1/24/08 10:47 AM

When I get home I tend to change my clothes to shake off the day. Reading your list helped me to realize that I already have some good patterns for myself, but candles and hot tea need to find their way in as well.

My ex-husband transitions with toast. He'd wake up and have toast first thing; he would come home, more toast, getting ready for bed, even more toast. I don't recommend this unless you have an enviable metabolism like he does!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Coming Home: Getting Centered
1/14/08 11:53 AM

Nice job so far!

Definitely replace the bathmat. I would lean towards a lighter color in such a small space, rather than the green you have now. I think a teak mat could be overkill of the teak. Also the room has a lot of hard surfaces so I would avoid adding another.

Regarding the window that leads to the kitchen I would suggest installing a Hartman and Forbes (or similar) Rollershade on an inside mount. http://www.hfshades.com/products/rollershades/
When you don't have company it could be rolled up and would disappear (practically), not interrupting the look of the space and not adding more clutter. And it could be easily pulled down for privacy.

I think a stool would be fine but again I would not go crazy with the dark wood/teak in such a tight space. Perhaps a small vintage chair painted a color that picks up on your artwork could go in the empty place that bothers you. You could place a tray on it with a catch-all dish or flowers, or a candle, or pretty bath products, a water carafe, that kind of thing.

I like the stone hooks, nice choice. And I agree with st@cy about the bottles in the window. I would remove one and group the other three together.

But again good choices thus far!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Danielle's Project: Tub Room Makeover #2
1/11/08 02:18 PM

Hydrangea in black

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1/10/08 10:46 AM