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Thanks for all the suggestions! We had looked at trying to buy the other titles and have them shipped here, but it was so spendy. We love the whole series, so are trying to find friends that are going to France soon and will try to bribe them.

We also have the Bunny Kisses book, which is a hit as well. I'll definitely check out the Usborne series and the Nighttime book next time we go to the store.

Thanks again!

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9/8/11 11:08 AM

Ah, got it. The "much healthier" comment was referring to the omission of heavy cream, sugar, butter, or egg yolks that are used in the grown-up version. Sorry for the confusion!

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4/14/11 05:48 PM

Thanks, Katie. Yup, we've only done one post with soy, simply because we had some extra tofu in the fridge and were looking for ways to introduce some interesting textures and snacks to Biscuit. I know that there is some controversy around soy in baby's diet, but our doctor didn't have any issues with us introducing it. Biscuit is still nursing, so she gets lots of healthy fat from that as well as from other foods like cheese, hummus, and avocado.

Obviously, I wouldn't advocate giving a baby tofu mousse as a whole meal, but it was definitely a fun treat for her in the middle of the day.

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4/14/11 02:02 PM