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Some of those pictures don't really evoke coastal, or sea for me, except, too obviously, the marketed candles. Without the headline, I wouldn't have guessed the inspiration. Is he using coastal loosely to mean a relaxed natural style?
Don't get me wrong, I love coastal style. I live on an island. I'm just not seeing the connection here though.

Going Coastal: How To Achieve a Beach House Look In a City Home
A Conversation With Tim Clarke

6/20/12 04:52 PM

She looks like she's been strangled to death. Is that supposed to be hip or interesting?

New Style Scents for Valentine's Day: Bubbles, Candy, Paint & Dryer Sheets
1/31/12 07:02 PM

Seizure inducing.

Pattern-on-Pattern Inspiration: Stripes & Florals
11/18/11 05:52 PM

I also have a chihuahua with an underbite. Winnie's snaggle tooth slays me. Wonderfully goofy and cute.
House is nice too :)

Drew & Mindy's Delightful Mix in Melrose
House Tour

10/25/11 03:26 PM

The last one terrifies me. Almost as bad as having Balinese marrionettes in your home.

Giving Good Face: Masks As Wall Art
10/21/11 07:35 PM

I, too, never thought I'd like those colors but done well it can look really classy. I like that the photos demonstrate how this combo can be used in every decorating style.

Halloween Hues: Black and Orange Interiors
10/21/11 07:29 PM

I put my son in his bouncy chair. We kept one in the bathroom for that reason. I never had an issue.

Real Life @ Home: How's a New Mom Supposed to Shower?
10/18/11 01:52 PM

house tour please!

Clarenda's Cape Cod in North Carolina
House Call

10/13/11 03:37 PM

Bruce's post is making me laugh really hard.

Do You Decorate for the Seasons?
9/29/11 05:07 PM

Oh your comment brought tears to my eyes! My son is not yet two and I have to tell myself to live in the moment and not rush around but enjoy him each day because one day...
Sometimes a stranger on the internet can share their feelings that resonates so deeply it could have been you. Peace to you. I hope your "empty nest" is soon filled with joy and new ventures.

Book Review: Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in that House
8/25/11 11:17 PM

um, you could rinse it out.

3 Reasons Why You Should Line Your Glass Jars
8/5/11 03:34 PM

what about mold?

Unusual Wooden Backsplashes
8/4/11 10:19 AM

Lovely, peaceful, soothing, cozy space. It's one thing to find something beautiful. It's another to find a place that feels like home. This place is not staged or over decorated. It feels real yet is gorgeous! Well done.

Meredith's Historic Farmhouse Dream
House Tour

7/31/11 09:24 PM

Stunning. House ain't bad either/

Sean Yashar's Think Pad
House Tour

7/19/11 11:16 PM

Ziggy's smile made my day, what a sweet pup! I love Bainbridge, very pretty and now very expensive. Lovely home. But I have to say that mirror over the leather couch also made me think it would come crashing down. It's ok not to stage your home. This house is obviously lovely enough without staging.

Mark & Lisa's Rustic Northwestern Home
House Tour

6/19/11 07:21 PM

such beautiful light! very peaceful house. lovely.

Stefanie & Mike's Heavenly Hollywoodland Home
House Tour

6/14/11 04:07 PM

Love it! I could hang out here, curled up on the couch drinking tea watching the rain fall. A very happy place this is.

Suki's Gem On The Hill
House Tour

6/10/11 01:53 PM

love the cat curtains and bread loaf painting too! what a cheery home!

Christine & John's Breezy Ann Arbor Ranch
House Tour

6/9/11 06:55 PM

love your kid's room- so much fun. Adorable puppers too.

Marco & Shanna's House of Style
House Tour

6/9/11 12:46 PM

depends on where you live. If you live in an artsy, funky, "hip" area you are probably ok leaving it. If you live in a fairly suburban area, no.

To Paint or Not to Paint: Selling a Colorful Home?
6/8/11 07:57 AM