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Bring a ball, a frisbee, and a cheap badminton set. When you take a break from driving, play with them.

Make provisions for someone being carsick (vomit receptacle, gravol).

Don't underestimate the power of the car radio. Listen, change stations, sing along, learn stuff.

Open the car windows and let the wind fly in. Smell the air where you are. Watch for storms, get rained on.

10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip with Small Children
6/13/14 05:00 PM

I have no idea why people shuck in the store, and here in Ontario almost everyone seems to do it. Ridiculous.

How Close to Cooking Should I Shuck Corn on the Cob? Good Questions
6/12/14 12:43 PM

How about things you like to eat? As you eat them, the design will be revealed anew.

What Food Should I Serve on This Pretty Platter? No, Really! Kitchn Diary: Anne in South Carolina
6/2/14 05:10 PM

Not just a phone jack in the bathroom, but one for a fax machine too.

Inheriting A Houseful of Quirks
6/2/14 12:25 PM

Store brands, also look at not-from-the-country-you-live-in food items and brands. Investigate the reduced price items in your supermarket (freeze meat and bakery items). Shop with the weekly flyer, and use coupons if they make sense. If you know other broke people see if you can buy stuff in bulk and split it (pooling money means that you can buy more, but for less money overall). Grow your own herbs if you can (pots on the window sill, mint and basil at least). Use cheese sparingly, and as a topping so that you can taste it. Don't waste anything, so plan out your meals and eat all of your leftovers. Save up for treats, you can't eat rice and beans every day without going a bit squirrelly.

The Most Essential Pantry Staples for Cooks on an Extreme Budget? Good Questions
4/30/14 03:39 PM

Oh boy. Really?

A Wearable Phone So Your Kids Can Play Outside Design News
4/29/14 05:40 PM

It looks lovely, but the fridge placement isn't ideal. In my experience fridges without any counter top next to them make life difficult unless you enjoy taking only two things out at a time.

Kitchen Before & After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets a Rich, Warm Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/17/14 05:45 PM

It seem obvious but don't block the windows with furniture, tvs, etc. Put your seating areas near the windows so that you are near the light (window seats are ideal). A window-sill bird-feeder if you can have one.

Living Small in the City: Tips for Coping Without Outdoor Space
4/14/14 04:47 PM

If you do put the vinegar and baking soda combo down your drains (and I do) follow it by a kettle full of boiling water. I've never had a drain issue from this combination, in fact it seems to keep my drains clear.

Reader Recommendations: Simple Cleaners That Really Work Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
4/6/14 09:11 AM

This question is difficult to answer without knowing which way the L on the L-shaped sofa goes, however. If you want it facing the tv then it has to face the tv and it is going to block a direct path between the doors, but that might not be such a big deal. You will then have room for a big comfy chair in the corner to the right of the window. Putting a long table behind the couch for drinks and plants etc. would work, but there might also be room for an ottoman or coffee table.

Furniture Arrangement in Living Room with Short, Angled Walls? Good Questions
4/3/14 04:52 PM

Yes to the oatmeal suggestions! Yum. Any hot cereal, really.

Add some vinegar to turn it into chutney, serve on top of curried veg with rice.

Glaze tofu steaks with it.

Add to silken smoothies.

Vegan Ideas for Using My Stash of Fruit Preserves? Good Questions
3/24/14 05:42 PM

Reflective stickers are the DIY version of this. You can buy them in strips and cover your frame with them. You'll still need lights front and back though (as you would here, especially a red light on the back).

Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Could Help Save Lives Design News
3/21/14 03:25 PM

If weather permits have the party in your local park. There's built-in play equipment and you can arrange fun games (egg and spoon race, three-legged race etc), eat and not have to clean your house before and after.

Throwing The \"Perfect\" Kids Party When You're Not A Pinterest-y Parent Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/21/14 03:23 PM

When I was a kid we used to split the task up. One person would fill the sink and wash the glassware and cutlery. The next person would do the crockery. The third would to the pots and pans. If you could divide it just a wee bit with your spouse, even just get him to do one or two items, it might make it less of a chore.

Now I have a dishwasher, which I stuff as full as possible, but there are always things that have to be hand washed or don't fit. I cook in a way that minimizes these things, if you really think about it you can reduce the amount of dishes you use as you cook and then, voila, less to wash at the the end. For instance last night I made a casserole that involved noodles, after that was in the oven I steamed the veggies in the same pot I had cooked the noodles in, so I only had one pot to clean. When baking I never use a bowl for wet ingredients and a bowl for dry, I just put the wet into one bowl and then the dry on top (you can sift over the wet, or combine the dry on top before incorporating with the wet). I know it sounds like an odd thing to thing through, but if you hate hand washing (and I do) it makes sense.

I expand my drain board by putting a towel down next to it on the counter so that there's enough room for everything after the drain board is full. This means that I wash everything, there's no excuse for leaving stuff for the morning (where it continues to sit until the evening, yuck).

Cure My Cooking Problem! Dirty Dishes Get in the Way of Weeknight Cooking The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/21/14 10:28 AM

Throw in some cinnamon and raisins. I know that sounds like rice pudding, but it goes really well with falafel, or meatballs, meatloaf…you get the idea.

Do You Have Any Recipes That Make Rice More Interesting? Good Questions
3/20/14 04:52 PM

This is such an important topic. Thank you for starting the conversation.

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/17/14 04:58 PM

I love that stain that Brian linked to!

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/13/14 05:49 PM

That is a festival of pine. Is the floor hardwood or laminate? If it is laminate changing that would instantly remove a huge amount of pine which might make the rest of the pine slightly less overwhelming.

If not try painting the lower cabinets and/or the walls. (Just trying to keep the amount of painting to a minimum)

Are you going to move the fridge and stove? They look like the are in awkward places.

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/13/14 05:42 PM

Why eat food that you don't like?

What Are Some Ways To Eat Eggs That Disguise Their Taste? Good Questions
3/13/14 11:42 AM

I use these every single day, every single time I cook.

OXO Good Grips Locking Tongs Product Review
3/10/14 06:00 PM