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This is my favorite tea, ever. They better fix it before they change it in the US!

Twinings Changes Earl Grey Recipe: Tea Lovers Outraged
The Daily Mail UK

8/31/11 11:38 AM

Goodness. What a topic. Though Karl is right in a lot of ways (and thank you for actually using science to explain this, but CITE CITE CITE) Carrboro Girl is right. So what about the rest of your info, Karl? Can you give me sources so I don't assume that it, too, is erroneous?

What's the Deal with High Maltose Corn Syrup?
8/24/11 08:26 AM

I've done all of these things and it makes delicious fries. I agree the double fry isn't that bad.

French Fry Perfection: 4 Tips from Fine Cooking Magazine
7/21/11 08:10 AM

Mine says no water, ever. I found the best way to get the dried stuff out is to make a simple dough before the next batch and run it through the pasta maker before you start. Though honestly, I don't need to clean it often.

Tip: To Clean a Pasta Maker, Just Add Water
Ideas in Food

7/20/11 08:30 AM


um, what are udders but cow breasts?

that said, I'm not judging anyone for being grossed out. I myself am intrigued.

8 Alternative Uses for Breastmilk
7/8/11 02:09 PM

I panicked when I saw this post. I love your other method. I hate soaking beans, because I just never have the foresight or energy to do it. Its good to know, but I can never keep up with this stuff.

Why I Soak Dried Beans for 24 Hours
7/7/11 12:28 PM

I have one and use it probably once a month and LOVE it. Seasoning the ceramic was not difficult and has stayed looking and working fantastic. I do think NorNor has a good point though. If you want to try it out, buy one cheap secondhand!

Tagines: What Are They & How to Cook with One
6/8/11 02:44 PM

Don't put a silpat in the broiler. Oy vey. And ditto on the pyrex. Also the hot sugar. Why is our first reaction to HOT FINGER! to put it in our mouth! I have burnt my tongue a thousand times that way.

Kitchen Accidents: What Lessons Have You Learned?
5/23/11 09:09 AM

Call me boring, but there is no reason to go beyond rhubarb pie. WITHOUT the strawberries. I could eat it every day for breakfast. That said, you are making me jealous because I have yet to play with rhubarb this year, and it used to grow in my garden when I was a kid. I would eat it raw dipped in cinnamon sugar. Mmmm.

Beyond Pie: 5 Ways to Bake With Rhubarb
5/12/11 10:54 AM

This is really awesome. I would struggle with the vegan menu choices though. Obviously its not all vegan but there seems to be a lot of vegans there and I would want to be considerate.

Kitchen Tour: Katy's Cooperative SoCal Kitchen
5/10/11 02:41 PM

Tagine! YUM

What Can I Do With Orange Flower Water?
Good Question

5/6/11 09:59 AM

My mom has these! But only 2. She would be jealous of your 8. She uses them for dessert. Puddings and ice creams, mostly. They look so pretty and don't hold too much.

Dressing the Table: 3 Uses for Vintage Cocktail Glasses
5/4/11 01:59 PM

I also want to comment about something somewhat unrelated. I made some ice cream this week using Jeni's basic recipe and I have to say it is THE BEST recipe I have ever used. Mmm.

Make Waffle Cones! Tips from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
4/28/11 08:26 AM

This is one of those times the Kitchn's policies on reader questions kind of bugs me. Why not do the research yourself and put up links? Since links don't work in the comments, it makes it a pain if ALL of the ideas are in the comment section. Sigh. I guess I'll have to do a ton of copy/pasting.

Best Nibbles and Snacks for a Low-Key Weekend Party?
Good Questions

4/14/11 08:03 PM

This is my favorite knife as well, hands down.

Emma's Favorite Knife: Wüsthof 7-Inch Santoku Knife
3/25/11 02:37 PM

Hmmmm. I guess I can't make it in the google food blog search. Since I just don't have the time or energy to code and tag obsessively. And as for calorie count? I know its better to be eating less, but I don't think ANYONE wants to know the calories in my awesome frites.

Google's Great Recipe Search? Amanda Hesser Has Doubts
3/24/11 10:17 PM

So funny, because honestly, this stuff scares me more than BPA. I looked up what it was made out of once, because I loved a set of mixing bowls.

Now lets get this straight: I am not one to panic. In fact, I still don't know if some of my plastics have BPA in them, despite the fact that I try to avoid it. I do NOT avoid plastic at any turn. After looking up melamine I found out it is FINE if not heated. But if its heated it can break down into original components: like ammonia, urea, and formaldehyde. None of which I'd like to be exposed to.

But if you're smart and safe you can easily use this stuff. Its just super horrible for the environment to produce, and has the potential to give off some nasty fumes. I'd rather stay away from it, personally.

Melamine Mania: Fun, Durable (and Safe?) Tableware
3/16/11 08:28 AM

Loxes in boxes!

How To Salt Cure Lox At Home For Less
3/8/11 03:48 PM

Thank you, akay.

Is Bone Marrow Considered Offal?
Good Questions

3/3/11 11:25 AM

I see anxiety because if my sink and my counter are covered with dishes then I can't create!

Staring at a Pile of Dirty Dishes: What Do You See?
3/2/11 07:54 PM