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I love this kitchen. It's so functional for storage, has a nice amount of counter space for prep work, and has been planned for convenience of having the waste pullout and dishwasher exactly where it's needed, by the sink. The colors are very soothing. Although I know this has been set up for a photo shoot, the shelves are rather bare but lovely in the photo. If this were my kitchen, I know the shelves would be filled with jars of staples and appliances. This kitchen is my favorite so far.

Maureen's Maximized & Upgraded Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/12/12 08:50 PM

Oh, and I also want to say that I don't think I would ever approach someone about being there with a stroller. But I have no problem asking people to clear the aisle and chat elsewhere.

The Farmers' Market: Helpful Hints and Etiquette Tips
7/9/12 07:36 PM

Great post. I understand many of the complaints about bring dogs and children in strollers to the market. @Charlita how about letting your husband shop with or without the 30 lb son until you are strong enough to handle it on your own? It seems that he is interested in going. It may be a bit of an inconvenience for you but think about all of the other people you're inconveniencing.

My biggest pet peeve is blocking traffic in the aisles. If you have a stroller and want to stop somewhere, please pull off to the side and let people pass comfortably. Also, if you feel the need to stop and chat with someone, find a place to step out of the line of traffic and chat all you want.

Please be aware of others around you. If you're causing 10 or 20 other people frustration, does your own (one) frustration balance it out?

The Farmers' Market: Helpful Hints and Etiquette Tips
7/9/12 07:32 PM

I'm pretty good at picking out paint colors in most rooms. But in my main bathroom, where I apply my makeup, totally confuses me. No windows and fairly small. It's white now with faux painted black and white tiles. I've read so many articles about paint colors to stay away from because they distort your coloring while applying makeup. Examples are to stay away from yellows, peach, melon and pinks. Greens and grays are also mentioned. I'm thinking about maybe a soft purple with just a hint of blue in it, with a soft sea green ceiling? My moldings, counters and cabinets are white and folding metal linen closet door is about the color of sea green. My current towels are yellow, soft purple and fern green. My shower and floor tiles are white. Okay, maybe to much information here.

My main question is what colors are best for a windowless bathroom that I apply my makeup in???

4 Things To Consider When Picking A Wall Color
7/6/12 08:23 PM

This sounds wonderful. I never thought about using mustard...will have to try that. I also prefer to make my ribs in the oven. Slow cooking makes them so nice and moist. I usually cook them in a 275 degree oven for 4 to 5 hours but sometimes at 300 for 3 hours. I just rub the ribs with my favorite dry rub and sprinkle some extra on top, cover loosely with foil and place in oven on a baking sheet meaty side up. No need to turn.

I prefer my ribs with just the dry rub but will serve dipping sauce on the side for those that like them wet.

My favorite dry rub:
2 Tablespoons each of:
ground cumin
freshly ground black pepper
Chili powder
4 Tablespoons each of:
Mix all ingredients well.

How to Cook Great Ribs in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/3/12 05:29 PM

What a great idea! I've never heard of this before. My first thought was what a fun thing to do for kids. My second thought was what a fun thing to do for adults. My third thought was what a unique presentation and conversation starter at a party. I love the idea that the chili and onions, or the ketchup and mustard...relish...etc, can be enjoyed in every bite instead it all dripping off the bun. I shared this with a lot of people at work today and they all loved the idea. Some are considering making these over the 4th. Thanks Stephanie for another enlightening post.

The Spiral Cut: The Most Delicious Way To Eat a Hot Dog CHOW
7/2/12 08:04 PM

Cleaning ceiling fans is more difficult for me because I'm a smoker (shame, shame). Although the post has a nice suggestion, I have to unscrew and take the blades off and clean everything seperately. My bad, I don't clean them often enough because of the effort. I do follow the vent cleaning every time I use the dryer... also many other suggestion and input on this post. But another of my huge cleaning blunders are my old white metal leveler shades. I can't afford to replace them (sixteen windows plus two door walls). I've washed them down slat by slat before. I've even washed them down in the bathtub and outdoors. Do any of you have any ideas for a nice solution for refreshing these guys without breaking my bank account? I just want to clean them from dust and grease. HELP please.

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/28/12 09:22 PM

After reading this article, I'm so inspired to get my sewing machine out and let my creative juices flow. There was a post here a while back about making produce bags from T shirts. I purchased some lovely colored T shirts from a Salvation Army store for $1.00 to $1.50/ea. Made the bags and gave them as Christmas stocking stuffers. They were a huge hit.

Now I'm going to check out fabrics for more gifting. Napkins, runners, bags and gift wrapping. The fun challenge will be to find the appropriate fabric, pattern and design for each individual and not choose just what I would want for myself.

Thank you for the inspiring me by this article.

The Best Fabric for Making Your Own (Easy!) Kitchen Towels and Napkins
6/26/12 08:14 PM

Thank you Stephanie for this very informative article. Some people seem to be offended by it but it's an eye opener for me. I've always felt that the blind (from birth) have a wonderful way of functioning in this world, as they know only what they have been exposed to and are stronger in other senses. Those that have experienced blindness later in life may have had more of a struggle with it but can learn to adjust with therapy.
Again, nice article. Lots of good info here. Thanks,

Cooking Without Sight: Tips from Masterchef Contestant Christine Ha and Other Blind Chefs
6/22/12 10:22 PM

JIFF all the way. I know the natural PB is healthier but I don't like the texture.

The related post on "Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bread Pudding" looks awesome. Wish the recipe gave instructions for a casserole size.

Choosing the Best Peanut Butter For Baking
6/21/12 07:36 PM

My all time favorite is to add a little Miracle Whip, a couple drops of Worcestershire, sweet pickle relish, a bit of onion juice, salt, pepper and paprika.

A bit off the subject, but I also like to add chopped egg whites to my tuna salad. It adds some texture and is oh so delicious.

An Egg Salad Sandwich, Eight Ways
6/18/12 08:31 PM

Thank you for this wonderful topic. This weekend I will be purging vases, perfumes, cosmetics, linens, kitchen extras, books... All will go to animal or homeless shelters. For those of you that have thought about selling your discards but haven't, please think about donating them to charity. You can claim them on your income taxes and benefit nicely from it. Maybe even better than what you could make at a yard sale, without all of the time and effort.

There certainly has been some negative comments here about books, glasses, linens...
If you're happy having those things, keep them. This article is meant for peeps that are trying to get rid of clutter. It's not a rule of thumb on what people should own and what to get rid of. It has wonderful suggestions to spark the minds of some of us that need to purge.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/8/12 07:11 PM

Lovely use of space, although it's only doable with the outdoor area. So nice that she can use that to expand on her footage. The wall paper is interesting but a bit too busy for my taste. My first thought was, although the furniture was placed nicely...everything seemed so cluttered. And where is the storage? I didn't see any closets...does she own any clothes? She has that nice blue secretary but my hunch was that her wardrobe couldn't be stored there. Oops, missed the curtains hung from the ceiling...this must be the wardrobe area. Very clever and attractive. As far as the rest of lack of storage, it doesn't that's why she has everything out on display. All in all, she's done a wonderful job in such a tiny space.

Leslie's Whimsical, Candy-Colored Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
5/21/12 07:15 PM

Great tips. I've never been quite sure how to freeze different veggies. This article inspires me to go to the farmer's market. Thanks.

Seize the Season! 5 Tips for Preserving Fresh Vegetables in the Freezer
5/18/12 07:25 PM

I've been cooking for myself now for many years. I'll usually cook a third of a steak, a half chicken breast or a thigh, a fillet of fish (or half if it's large). Served with a small potato, and a veggie, maybe with some grated cheese on top. Or some form of rice. Cooking for one is just a matter of scaling down the recipe. If you're used to making large batches of soups, chili, or stews, all the better. Just freeze them in small portions and enjoy later. Also, a poached egg on veggies or potatoes can be a delightful dinner. The Kitchn has many good suggestions for cooking for one. Let loose and enjoy the easiness of cooking what you really desire and enjoy the cost of cooking for just yourself :P

4 Helpful Tricks in Making Dinner for One
5/15/12 09:29 PM

I find that by purchasing protein (meat, fish, poultry...) in bulk and freezing it saves a lot of dollars. When buying more expensive cuts and cutting them back to proportions for one, then freezing the rest still makes sense. Some people will argue with that because it's still the same price per pound. But for those that are used to feeding more than three and are now on there own, think about it. You may be spending the same amount for the lot but are actually making more meals for one. Cooking for one should not be any different than cooking for two... You just adjust the recipe. You can cook pasta dishes in bulk and freeze portions for later use. You can purchase veggies at the farmers market and if you find that you can't use them up right away...preserve them.

4 Helpful Tricks in Making Dinner for One
5/15/12 08:30 PM

I love the idea of freezing veggies and fruit but haven't been as successful as I would like. I checked out the National Center for Home Food Preservation that you recommended and found it to be so helpful. It truly answered all of my questions about freezing. It even includes how to freeze fowl, fish, meat... Thank you so much for this post!

Preserving Without Canning: Tips and Tricks for Spring Produce
5/14/12 05:28 PM

My favorite frittata starts with a layer of cooked angel hair pasta, then in order; a layer of grated Parmesan, shredded Fontina, chopped cooked bacon, artichoke hearts, caramelized onion, some alfredo sauce, and blanched spinach. Over the top I pour well beaten egg and cream mixture. It is so flavorful that herbs and spices are not needed (with the exception of a little salt and pepper). It's also much lighter than a potato based frittata. Great subject.

How To Make a Frittata
5/8/12 06:45 PM

I've never run into this problem. Just bought some yesterday from the farmers market. Make me wonder why? Good tip though.

Smart Tip: Gritty Asparagus? Don't Just Wash It, Blanch It!
5/7/12 08:07 PM

I love toas-tite. My mother had one and she would make these incredible grilled cheese sandwiches in it as far back as I can remember. I'm going back to the early 1950's. Now that Mom's gone, I have this precious gadget. I had forgotten about it until a few years ago but use it often now. In fact it is never put away. It stays on my counter as a constant reminder when I'm trying to think of something quick and tasty to make.

I use it mostly for grilled cheese, maybe add a little mustard, or cooked bacon. Don't have much of a sweet tooth, so probably won't try the fruit pies. After reading the comments here I'll be sure to try it with eggs. And peanut butter and bananas (with a slight sprinkle of brown sugar) sounds heavenly. Oh, and peanut butter with cooked bacon is making me crawl to the kitchen right now.

The crust must be cooked long enough to be nicely browned and the clamped edges nice and crispy.

Wonderful post Stephanie.

Calling All Sandwich Lovers! The Return of the Toas-Tite
5/6/12 04:39 PM