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much over this meme

Doge Style: Much Tidy Kitchens
11/8/13 04:36 PM

That's interesting - I had no idea they had to provide 911 access even if you don't have basic service. How does that work exactly? I have a few phone jacks that I never use (I use my cell and VOIP for calls), but when I plugged in an old phone, there isn't a dial tone. So I'm not sure how I could get a line out, unless the phone company turned it on for me. Do I request emergency service only?

Should a Single Mother Of a 7-Year-Old Child Get Rid Of Her Land Line?
11/6/13 11:21 AM

Pretty awesome! Nice job. I want that playroom...

Before & After: Fireplace Nook to Lofted Playhouse Fe Fi Fo Famma
10/30/13 10:14 AM

I'm a woman and I work from home. I've never had a problem with it. I personally like meeting all of the different men who have come to work in my place over the last year.

Welcome, Stranger: Are You Comfortable With Repair People In Your Home?
10/11/13 11:39 AM

Instead of changing your rug, perhaps you can try soft claws on your kitties' nails...

I used them very successfully with one of my cats.

Can You Turn a Loop Rug into a Tufted Rug? Good Questions
10/8/13 10:29 AM

PAFarmhouse - I think you're talking about a balance bike. It's a bike without pedals. You start the child with the seat at the lowest position, so their feet are firmly on the ground. Riding the bike is just walking with it between their legs initially. Then as the child gets more comfortable, you raise the seat over time until their feet just barely touch the ground. By that point most kids can cruise pretty fast on the bike and they are ready to transition to a bike with pedals.

Basically it's using the same principles that Grandpa Carl uses - that kids need to learn to steer first, then balance, then pedal. This allows them to get the hang of which way they need to turn the handlebars to go where they want to go. They also become comfortable handling falls, which is a good skill for all bike riders!

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike Apartment Therapy Videos
9/26/13 08:36 PM

Radio is my background noise in the evenings. I have a wireless speaker (Sonos - love it!) and I tune into either music or NPR stations. I work from home - during the day, I usually have silence because I'm on and off the phone.

Solo Life at Home: Using TV Shows for a Little Bit of Background Noise
5/21/13 12:00 PM

Wow, those shades in the posting pic are lovely (and I'm guessing weren't DIY). Do you have a source for them? Or the material?

6 Rental Updates that Won't Break Your Lease or the Bank
5/9/13 01:41 PM

Invest in an industrial grade window fan that has an intake/exhaust switch. It will take up one whole window - something like this:

I lived in an apartment like yours and this really helped to clear the hot air out during the night. I would turn it on exhaust and open up all of the windows. The exhaust action of the fan pulled cool outside air in through the rest of the windows. It's the same concept as an attic fan. They are loud, but powerful and really help.

How Do I Keep My Apartment from Becoming a Sauna? Good Questions
3/13/13 08:40 AM

@ Sam Clemens - that is sad. I didn't realize that it was limited to Hulu Plus...

Weekend Film Fest: 10 Movies Anyone Can Stream for Free on Hulu
3/1/13 07:38 PM

@ALynn - you can buy a Roku for $50 and just stream the movies directly through your TV. No monthly fee and no need to drag your computer into the living room.

Weekend Film Fest: 10 Movies Anyone Can Stream for Free on Hulu
3/1/13 04:28 PM

It's just plain ugly, to boot.

Buy a sonos wireless speaker - yes it's twice the price, but it isn't limited to radio - you can stream music from other sources (computer, etc). Plus you can add speakers to other rooms and control them all with you phone, tablet or computer.

Minimalism Meets Music: Hidden Radio Tech Test Lab Review
2/25/13 10:39 AM

Parnassus, I agree - re-reading them as an adult puts a whole new spin on the series. I still think they are worth reading to your kids, but man, Pa was really a piece of work...

Little House in the Big Woods
2/19/13 12:46 PM

Awesome teepee. This is a DIY I think even I could manage with my limited sewing skills. I'm definitely going to be scouting out maxi dresses in my local thrift shop.

Before & After: Refashioned Dress Becomes New Tot Toy Awesome Sauce & Asshattery
2/18/13 12:37 PM

My party tip is not to have a 15 kid toddler party. ;)

We just do extended family in our house - birthday kid, 5 cousins (ages 3 - 18) and parents. Pizza, presents, running around and cake More than enough party to make any toddler thrilled.

Tips for Throwing a Low-Stress
Toddler Birthday Party

2/18/13 11:46 AM

For my toddler's socks, I put them all into a mesh lingerie bag for washing. Never lost a single sock (at least not during the laundry process!)

The Best Time Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
2/15/13 09:43 AM

I was just thinking about adding some pink to my living room the other day. Inspired by the pink balloons I had bought for my daughter's birthday. The thing is, I have orange accents already (with grey/taupe walls/rug - kind of like the first picture with the pink bedside table), so I'm not sure how pink will work with it - but the post has inspired me to make a good faith effort...

Adding Color: Hints of Pink
2/11/13 01:40 PM

Anyone have ideas on the source(s) of the pillows in the lead picture?

Get the Look: Leaning Ladder Shelves
2/8/13 02:49 AM

My phone is on my nightstand when I'm in bed, but I don't charge it there. I incorporated it into my landing pad. I added an outlet high up in my hall closet so you can't see it, hung one of those picture frame ledges with a lip along the inside wall and snaked the power source down next to that behind the door frame. When I come home I plug in my phone and leave it on the ledge with my keys. I have a work and a personal cell, so that's where they both live when I'm home.

Liveblogging Day 15:
Nightstand Charging Station Liveblogging the January Cure

1/22/13 04:39 PM

Funny - the photo made me do a double take, mostly because it exactly matches the color of my office wall. I love my office. It was a leap of faith to go that deep and intense with the color, but it really is lovely.

As for orange - I see it all the time! Maybe just because I like it, though...

Color Forecasting for 2013 Color Therapy
1/18/13 12:01 PM