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This kitchen is gorgeous! I might just have to copy it. I think leaving cabinets off a wall with windows in the kitchen really opens up a space. I am trying to convince my mother to do this. I've also been really liking kitchens that use different upper and lower cabinets. Makes it much more interesting. Well done!

Anne & Nathan’s Northwest Modern Kitchen
House Call

8/4/11 10:23 AM

I agree that there are way too many photos in these AT house tours lately, and way too many closeups of little vignettes that aren't really that interesting. A house tour should leave you longing for more, not less.

Jose & Ben's Light and Cheery Apartment
House Tour

1/19/11 04:08 PM

You can never force them, but sometimes the location changes everything. I've brought home things that the cat's showed no interest in, then I'd toss it somewhere out of the way, and all of a sudden it becomes a big hit. You just never know with a cat. However, nothing I've ever brought home compares with a box thrown on the floor waiting to be taken out to the recycling bin. Go figure.

Giving Your Kitty Their Own Cardboard Cat Chalet
1/12/11 03:46 PM

Does anyone know anything about the quality of Younger Furniture?

Best Sofa Stores
Marketplace 2010

12/20/10 01:06 PM

This doesn't make any sense to me. Primer is not paint. The purpose of primer is to provide a better surface for the paint to adhere to. It has binding properties. It is also meant to seal in stains, prevent wood from bleeding through, and seal porous surfaces, such as fresh dry wall.

Quick Tip: Use Oops! Paint as Primer
12/15/10 05:46 PM