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HaHAA! Can't believe I just found this. I love Black Hockey Jesus. Excellent, heartbreaking posts. Stunning imagery, and a beautiful cynicism I can get behind. He's worth your time, people.

Meet Black Hockey Jesus
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11/29/12 09:31 PM

YES!! I've always thought the Singapore Sling was just the sexiest cocktail. Beautiful alliteration, gorgeous color, fascinating history. Thanks so much for both versions; I don't know which one I'll prefer so I plan to test each one. Often. Great post.

A Drink Recipe from Paradise for Your Next Staycation: The Singapore Sling The 10-Minute Happy Hour
8/10/12 02:29 PM

I bake our white bread and store it by the half loaf in the freezer. It's the only way I can seem to keep it from going stale or moldy by the time we get around to it. Even with weekly bread baking there's no way we could possibly refrain from cutting into the first hot steamy loaf, however, when we do, I do invert the loaf onto the cutting board. So, sins absolved, yes?

The Best Ways to Store & Reheat Bread: Advice from a Baker
8/2/12 02:43 PM

Wow! I've just started toying with homemade yogurt and am looking to sourdough next. This looks brilliant!

How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home
7/10/12 12:54 PM

Less talk of worms, more talk of the awesome quote by tbgboodler above. In fact, allow me to quote her again:
"the advice my mom gave me when I was a young girl (in the 60s)... 'if you don't know what you're going to fix for dinner, just start browning some onions. You'll eventually figure out what to make, but in the meantime when your husband comes home he'll think you've been cooking all day!'"

Why Recipe Writers Lie About Caramelizing Onions Slate
5/4/12 06:19 PM

This is the equivalent of "Inside Santa's Workshop." Love it.

A Tour of America's Test Kitchen Professional Kitchen Tour
3/6/12 12:18 PM

I'm so happy to see this post. We should be making our own sandwich bread. I make two loaves each weekend and freeze them as soon as they cool, then pull one out before bed during the week to defrost. It doesn't take long and honestly? After using the dough hook I knead it by hand a few times on the counter and the feeling of the dough on my fingers and the smell of the yeast is so soothing. Plus your house smells like hot fresh bread all afternoon. (You may have to make two batches, by the way. There's nothing finer than hot, fresh, buttered bread and a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon.) I've been using the Better Homes and Gardens recipe that calls for more milk and less butter but I'm excited to give this one a shot. People: bake your own bread! You won't be sorry.

Baking Recipe: Basic White Sandwich Bread
3/4/12 03:59 PM

How about carving 20 minutes out of your web-surfing time?

Great article; the kitchen won't clean itself and it's always nicer to deal with it in tiny little bites than blowing a whole precious weekend day on a deep-clean.

How To Clean Your Kitchen (and Keep it Clean) in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
1/18/12 12:17 PM

Dammit, Sara Kate. This wreath of yours stuck in my head all last season and now here it is again, haunting me. Gah. I will have no excuse but to actually make it this year.

Recipe: Holiday Breakfast Wreath
12/16/11 04:41 PM

This makes me very, very sad.

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
10/4/11 02:49 PM

I am always so rushed in the mornings that I forget if I turned my gas range off or not. Then I have to turn around, go back in and check and then I'm even more late for work. My fail-safe is to put my pans back over the burner when I'm done with them. If I've left the burner on, the food residue in the pan would alert me to my idiocy by burning and smoking within a few minutes.

Help! My Forgetful Roommate Doesn't Turn Off the Stove!
Good Questions

4/19/11 05:09 PM

What a beautiful post, Leela. Rather than seeing the dishes as some Type-A failure to keep the sink spotless, you see the dishes as memories. Wonderful sentiment.

Staring at a Pile of Dirty Dishes: What Do You See?
3/2/11 06:45 PM

I'm so glad I ran across this post. I have a tiny Toastmaster that I am going to break soon. (Warm marzipan was too much for it.) And with all the other things I have to budget for, a $200 full-size food processor just never comes up as a top priority. But $40 I can swing with Funny Money, and swing it I shall!

Good Product: KitchenAid 3-Cup Food Chopper
2/9/11 12:22 PM

Here in Utah, it's a casserole if it is made with a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom/Chicken soup and has potato chips on the top. Iesh.

Faith, I agree with your definition. For me, I think just about anything that gets baked with a sauce qualifies. And for the record, a can of "Cream of" does not a sauce make.

What Is a Casserole Anyway? How Do You Define It?
1/26/11 03:38 PM

If I wait until I'm hungry, usually it's too late. I'm also pretty blood-sugar sensitive, and if I haven't had anything decent in a few hours, odds are good I'm crabby and over-reactive. Workdays or weekends, I like to take a piece of toast and coffee as close to when I wake up as possible (but often is on the way to work), I try for a snack at midmorning, lunch at midday, another snack at late afternoon, wine or a beer and "tasting" while I cook, then dinner around 7 or 8.

It's a good point; so much of our eating schedule does revolve around working and getting to work.

Food Habits: How Do You Decide When To Eat?
1/10/11 06:26 PM

If I need a little kick of chicken-y flavor, I'll use some Better than Bouillon. I don't care too much for reconstituting it as broth because it is rather salty. If I run out of frozen stock, I like to keep a carton of Swanson's low sodium broth in the pantry.

What Is the Best Brand of Storebought Broth?
1/4/11 02:40 PM

You did everything so, so right. Do not thin, do not back down. Tell your boyfriend that real soup with real stock does that when it's done right. If he takes issue with it, invite him to enjoy his canned soup alone. :)

This is one of those times when you get to be a mother to a grown person. Kiss him on the cheek and say "Oh hush. This is what homemade soup looks like without all the fake thickeners. It tastes so much better than the canned junk." I say this having married my picky eater boyfriend almost a decade ago. It'll take some training to work the processed food palate out of him, but don't get discouraged. (And to that end, remember that a little bacon goes a long way.)

Help! Why Did My Chicken Soup Turn Into Jell-o?
Good Questions

1/3/11 06:49 PM

As to the butter-brushing issue, I bet you could use an olive oil mister or even just a squirt bottle filled with melted butter to dribble some on. Great timing on the post, by the way. I'm serving mashed for dinner Saturday but was just thinking it was a little boring. Perfect way to festive it up.

Duchess Potato Christmas Trees
Holiday Guest Post from Megan Reardon of Not Martha

12/23/10 04:28 PM

Vegemite on toast. Ask any Aussie...4 slices will fix you up in a snap.

What Are Your Favorite Hangover Foods?
12/15/10 03:05 PM