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I like seeing multi purpose rooms! Who can devote an entire room just for guests these days?

Before & After: A Stylish Office and Guest Room Combo Transformation
5/4/14 06:48 PM

I love it. I would do it if I had a flat door. I also like the idea of using a colour rather than the wood.. just an alternative.

Before & After: Dull Door Gets Dressed Up DIY-Style
5/2/14 11:42 PM

The closet bunk beds are brilliant. We live in a world where there is this idea that every kid needs a room. I like the beds in an out of the way space. It's great, I would have loved something like that growing up.

A Small, Smart Space for Judah & Layla Kids Room Tour
5/2/14 11:41 PM

Great idea to have a drawer under the oven. I think people don't realize how much renovations cost... labour is really expensive!!!! I love the kitchen, love the appliances, love the tile.. it's fantastic.

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Last Week Renovation Diary
4/29/14 08:09 PM

I am such a fan of mid century modern... and the decks... unreal.

Robert's Mid-Century Modern Architectural Home House Tour
4/25/14 04:45 PM

Everyone loves high ceilings but if you don't have space, this is perfect.

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playroom
4/25/14 04:42 PM

Fantastic transformation. The space looks so much bigger after. The transformation for the bars over the windows is beautiful! This place is so nice.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped Shoebox Kitchen Gets Gorgeously Gray Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/25/14 04:39 PM

I must have been the only one that thought, 'wow, the burners at the back of the counter frees up so much usable counter space in front'. If he burners were the other direction (1 in front of the other) and near the edge of the counter, I wouldn't like that any better.

I like the tile choice, add a bit of colour wherever you can. The grey with the grey counters may have been a bit drab.

I like the transition even though it's metal. It's fantastic they could match the tiles and fix the floor... whenever you end up doing the bathroom you can totally replace the metal with marble.

As for the all in one oven. You said it functions as a microwave, can you actually put plastic in there? Or is it like a 'toaster oven' and have to put everything in glass or metal?

As for the venting... I only have a hot plate and I cook all the time without venting. It may seem crazy to people who have not lived in small spaces. I fry fish all the time and it's not like the smell lingers or gets into my clothes.

I seriously think people don't understand what it's like to live in a small space... If I am going to have 8 people over for thanksgiving dinner I will just get two small turkeys and do one in the little oven and another in the slow cooker.

Love this series... I will be sad when it's over. Doubt the next reno will be as good as this!

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
4/25/14 03:18 PM

Despite all the shoes, I really like the placement of the bed

Small Space Style: 10 Inspiring San Francisco Small Spaces
4/22/14 06:24 PM

Love this series. Love this apartment. I get so excited to see the reno updates. Some of the other seemed to go on forever with infrequent update. This is fantastic on the other hand, like reading a really good suspense novel!

Jennifer's Kitchen: Some Big Decisions Renovation Diary
4/22/14 06:04 PM

Love this reno, I feel like it's spot on. Styled beautiful, everything is lovely.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped NYC Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/22/14 05:51 PM

Love #1 but not crazy about the rest. I think it's something that is hard to pull off.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Gallery Walls
4/6/14 11:13 PM

I typically just vacuum mine with the brush attachment. Works great for me.

As for the spelling and grammar, the readers want posts to be proof read!!!

Weekend Wipe Down: 6 Easy (& Some Weird) Ways to Clean Baseboards
4/6/14 11:07 PM

I like the bright vintage feel! I just have a hard time designing with corner toilets.

Before & After: Alexa's Affordable Stenciled Vinyl Bathroom Floor Makeover
4/6/14 11:01 PM

La-Z-Boy in the past has been ultimate comfort at the expense of style. Not sure when the transition happened however, there are some really incredible pieces now. Super stylish, comfortable, and practical. I just wish there were more stylish options. Some of the above images still feel old and outdated.

La-Z-Boy's Spring Looks: Cheery Colors, Two-Toned Details and Comfy Chairs! High Point Spring Market 2014
4/6/14 10:58 PM

I would throw it out and get a blow up mattress for guests until I could buy another sofa.

How To Spruce up This Well-Functioning Old Sleeper Sofa?
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11/3/11 01:57 PM

In my parents house they have hardwood in the kitchen and powder room and have never had a problem. The floor is probably 15yrs old and there is no sign of any additional wear due to moisture.

Can I Save the Hardwood Flooring in My Bathroom?
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11/2/11 02:58 PM

My dream is to hire someone to organize my closet for me.

Before & After: Danny Seo Gets Organized
11/1/11 03:11 PM

I have 6 at my kitchen table. They do say on the bottom they are only rated up to 200lbs. I have had a few larger people use them and now I have one where the legs are bent a bit. The legs won't all touch the floor evenly anymore and it seems no amount of bending will make them go back. I wouldn't buy them again.

Can West Elm's Scoop-Back Chair Owners Attest to Strudiness?
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11/1/11 02:02 PM

I think you should match the wood exactly and make it look like one expansive floor. I think the room will look huge. I think using a different colour wood would look awful.

Two Different Hardwoods in the Same Room?
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10/28/11 06:42 PM