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Hens lay eggs for approx 2-3 years and live for approx 10 years. Are you prepared to slaughter your "pet" when they stop producing? Or are you prepared to keep your non-producing hen for 6 additional years? City regulations often limit the total number of poultry you can keep in your backyard.

Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/16/13 06:25 PM

@HeidiJoe - Watcher's in the Woods scared me as a kid and honestly I never got over it. You will find zero decorative mirrors in my house because of that movie!

What Was Your First Scary Movie? Dare To Rent It Tonight?
10/31/12 05:25 PM

I tried using parmesan rinds in a stock and they melted slightly and left this sticky goo on the bottom of the stockpot that didn't incorporate well into the broth. Any thoughts on what I did wrong?

Soup Base Recipe: Parmesan Stock
The Cheesemonger

2/9/12 11:52 AM

The number of clicks that it takes to get from the apartment therapy posting to the store's site is inefficient.

Bottlehood: Recycled Glass Housewares
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2/7/12 12:04 PM

I own a white lecreuset and it has held up wonderfully. However, the inside is stained a light brown from darker sauces that have been cooked in it and I haven't been successful in removing the annoying stains.

Fashion Meets Function: White Cast Iron Dutch Ovens
1/4/12 07:55 PM