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I was just going to say the same thing, DuluthGirl! I always tell my husband this, because he likes to buy nicer furniture and then gets crazy when people, you know, use the furniture. I don't want to live in a museum. Furniture can always be redone later. And scratches are part of the patina!

Are You Protective Of Your Projects?
7/15/14 02:09 PM

I gotta agree, kelleyk. The trends being utilized in this house jumped out at me precisely because the article was so defensive about there "not being any trends" in this house. Why all the defensiveness? Skulls bought at antique stores, chalkboard wall, concrete counters, these are things plenty of people like. Clearly Bridget and Jake like them, too. So why all the hate on hipster trendies?

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/10/14 08:13 AM

I would strongly recommend that anyone who paints their floors - especially if they put considerable effort and time into it - protect their hard work with a top coat of polyurethane (two is even better). We have used Bona Strong and it holds up very well. The paint color becomes more saturated and vibrant when you have a good quality poly over it, and best of all, your design will be protected from scratches and spills.

Decorative Ideas for Painted Floor Projects Color Therapy
7/1/14 09:39 AM

Happy Birthday! I love the site. I have to say, though, you're 10 years older, but so am I, and my 10 years-older eyes are having a really hard time reading this font. Please, as a birthday present to your readers, please change it to something larger and more readable!

Happy Birthday, Apartment Therapy! May 2004 - May 2014
5/8/14 06:01 PM

Benjamin Moore has a no VOC paint called Natura. It goes on very nicely and the coverage is excellent. Keep in mind, though, that it still has an odor and you still need to keep the room ventilated when you paint! I used it in my children's bedrooms, and I still kept them out for about 24-48 hours before I let them sleep in there, just to be safe.

As far as how long paint takes to dry, it depends on the kind of paint, and the heaviness of the coat, but a coat of latex paint should be touch dry within an hour or so, unless you're really glopping it on. You're supposed to let each coat cure before you put on a new coat, but I have never had the time to do that so I just wait as long as I can before painting again and I have never had any problems.

Splurge or Save: What You Need to Know About Buying Paint
5/5/14 02:45 PM

2 cast iron pans and a rolling pin, which were my great-grandmother's. She handed them down to my grandmother, then they went to my mother, and now I have them. They're 100 years old at this point and I still use all of them. I use the pans every day, in fact!

What Home Item Have You Had the Longest? (And What Is Its Story?)
5/4/14 10:34 AM

I have heard of this too, Frank, but have never tried it. I imagine it would be a nice option for people who want a look that is cohesive but not so claustrophobic as painting the ceiling the same color.

Try This: Paint Your Ceiling the Same Color as Your Walls
4/30/14 12:16 PM

It's lovely! It's a shotgun apartment, though. A railroad apartment has a long hallway that goes down one side of the apartment and connects to the rooms which are on the other side (like one of those railway cars that have compartments). A shotgun apartment is where the rooms all connect directly down a line.

Amanda & Justin's Brooklyn Railroad Nook House Tour
4/27/14 02:52 PM

Regina, I would love to see your whole house featured here! I have a soft spot for 1930's cottages and yours seems really great.

My Small Home: Small Space Solutions from Regina's 1930s Cottage
4/22/14 07:37 PM

I thought that was hilarious as well, Tez.

Case Study: Making a Kids Room Feel Finished Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 12:13 PM

Huh? I have a front loader and it definitely doesn't "spit water" at my clothes. It does the same thing my old top loader did, which is to fill the drum with water, with which the machine then agitates the clothes. My clothes come out perfectly clean.

Can You Spot It? Top-Loading Washing Machine Hidden in the Kitchen Studio D'Archi
3/26/14 11:42 AM

We have actually done this with some of our friends and their children. Our kids all play together, they go to bed, and then the adults get to hang out (which otherwise we might not get to do). No babysitter cost, flexible scheduling, and breakfast together make it a lot of fun for everyone. It's a sleep over party for everyone!

The Ultimate Casual Gathering: Slumber Party For Grown-Ups
3/21/14 06:10 PM

3m command makes velcro picture hangers for this very purpose. They are extremely sturdy, hang pictures quite well, and best of all they are totally removable without a trace of having been there. I use 3m command hooks and picture hangers all the time in my rental and they are excellent!

Help Spicing Up Dull Rental Living Room? Good Questions
3/21/14 10:05 AM

The best thing to do in regards to the exterminator is to write the landlord, explain the problem (pictures if possible), say that obviously this isn't a situation that can continue given the diseases mice carry, and then say "Would you prefer to hire the exterminator yourself or have me hire one and then deduct the cost from the rent?" And then give your available days/times for the exterminator to come if he is going to hire one. If the landlord says "I'm not going to hire an exterminator for this," then reply "Okay, so I will go ahead and hire one then, and then deduct the cost from next month's rent. I will enclose a copy of the receipt with the rent check."

In regards to the light fixture, I think you should get a new one that sits flush with the ceiling, if possible. You can ask the exterminator about what is appropriate to close the gaps with so close to the light.

Help! Mice Are Falling from My Ceiling! Good Questions
3/20/14 09:32 AM

It might be a good idea to get whatever you want out of your mom's house and into yours. My mom let me take what I wanted when I moved out and then threw the rest out. Whatever I didn't take was fair game for the trash. Why should she have been responsible for my stuff when I wasn't living there anymore?

Memorabilia Mania: Papers, Artwork & Ephemera to Keep for Your Kids Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 02:55 PM

I'm really confused as to how this is a studio. This has separate rooms. Isn't a studio a space where the kitchen, bedroom, and living area are combined in one room?

Kelly's Cozy Chic Studio House Tour
2/26/14 01:01 PM

My mom gave me two of her cast iron pans that she inherited from her mother, which her mother inherited from HER mother. My pans are now over 100 years old and they are as smooth as glass and amazingly seasoned. Cast iron, if properly treated, will last many generations.

The Complete Guide to Buying, Cleaning & Seasoning Cast Iron Pans
2/24/14 01:54 PM

At this point, it seems like a willful use of the word "hack" for pageviews or something. Painting something is not a hack, it is a makeover. The reason so many of us want to keep the word "hack" separate from a makeover is that actually hacking something - that is, changing the substantial use of the thing to make it into something different than what it was originally designed to be - is often harder and certainly often more interesting than a makeover. I like seeing how people paint their Ikea furniture, certainly! There are some cool ideas there and very lovely results. But they are not hacks and it's always disappointing to click onto the link and realize that it is indeed yet another makeover mis-titled as a hack. At this point, I either click onto it because I want to see the makeover or I simply skip it because I know it's most likely not a real hack.

Weekend Project Ideas: 10 Power Tool-Free IKEA Hacks to Try
2/9/14 04:25 PM

The only way I've ever been able to get the point across is to say to my kids when the grandparents once again buy extra toys, "That's a lovely toy but we only have so much space at home. You'll have to make a decision as to what to keep and what to get rid of, OR, you can keep it here and then you get to play with it whenever we come to visit!" After a few instances where new toys were left at the grandparents' house, the excess gifts stopped. I guess once they realized they were in danger of having a house filled with toys, the gift-giving became less attractive!

Taming Toys: Tips to Keep Your Home from Looking Like a Toy Store Explosion
1/29/14 04:09 PM

I'm definitely with you, susie. The small space does create an interesting shadow. It also opens up the space a bit, whereas the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling enclose the kitchen and make it seem more claustrophobic. This is a beautiful renovation and you should be glad that you have that space up there above the cabinets, because aesthetically it works far better than the full on cabinets would. Nice job!

Kitchen Before & After: A 1970s Kitchen Gets a Jaw Dropping Overhaul Reader Kitchen Remodel
12/3/13 08:47 AM