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I'm with Holly14--anyone have details on how to actually do this? I have an old metal garden swing that I'm dying to hang. I just don't know where to begin.

Heavenly Hammocks In The Home
6/14/11 02:03 PM

Did nobody notice the desk? It's amazing!

Google Decorator: Most Beautiful Furniture in the World!
6/9/11 01:57 PM

My dream home. It's completely perfect in every possible way.

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6/6/11 01:08 PM

ELFay - I'm completely with you. I'm 23 and have never owned a TV. Hulu is good enough for me!

What Piece of Furniture Are You Willing to Do Without?
6/3/11 03:09 PM

If you're itching to do something different with an old wood dresser, hutch, bookcase, etc., (but are hesitant to paint it) line it with a great wallpaper or paint the inside recesses. That'll give you the satisfaction of giving it new life without the possible regret.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/3/11 01:26 PM

Mattress, for sure!

Biggest Indulgences: What Did You Pay Full Price For?
5/24/11 01:38 PM

Couldn't agree more, Chenell. Solid brand so far--excited to see what happens.

It'd be an absolute dream to join the AT team! Talk about a perfect job! You'll be hearing from me in a day or two.

Apartment Therapy Web Designer Search
4/23/11 10:57 AM

Lean a large mirror (or piece of framed art) against it. Ikea has oversized mirrors for under $100. It's functional too!

Or maybe you could turn the bookcase on it's end and hide the door with that.

How To Hide An Unused Door?
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3/25/11 10:06 AM

I have a very small space with only one tiny closet in the bedroom. I do wedding stationery and that leaves no space for all of my supplies. I do, however, have very high ceilings so I went vertical. I have a couple rows of metal rails with baskets (the Bygel series from Ikea). They are meant for in the kitchen, but work really well in the office. They look great and are SUPER cheap...i got everything i needed for under $30 and it's a ton of storage.

Where To Put Studio Space In One Bedroom Apartment?
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3/24/11 02:17 PM