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Love Make and Takes! The Spotlight feature is a great source of inspiration in it's own right.

Meet Marie LeBaron of Make and Takes
Big Blog Family

10/14/11 11:36 AM

Love John & Sherry over at YHL and clara's closet is wonderful. I included it (along with many ohdeedoh finds) in my recent mega-round up of reading nooks here:


Nooks & Crannies: Clara's Closet Gets Versatile
Young House Love

9/1/11 04:11 PM

I put together this creativity center using IKEA stuff. The idea is to have stuff visible and enticing to my 2 1/2 year old but not accessible to my 1 year old.

Need Help Organizing Art Supplies
Good Questions

8/31/11 03:13 PM

We have a landing between both kids rooms (ages 1 and 2). Last summer we bought one of those hideous plastic delux climbing toys off Craigs List with the idea being it would give our son something to do in the backyard while I took care of the new baby.

Because we live in a rainy city (Seattle), it promptly got gross and always had standing water. So we cleaned it off and put it in the landing.

It's not pretty (AT ALL) but my two kids have a blast playing on it and it makes the whole upstairs their space. Its great for burning off energy when the weather's nasty and their friends think it's super cool.

Don't Overlook The Landing
8/17/11 07:41 PM

This post really hits home with me. I'm in pretty much the exact same boat as jlwood. Fortunately, although the value of our home has decreased by the 20% we put down, there are not many foreclosures in the area.

Although we are fortunate to live in an area with good schools, this was supposed to be a 3-5 year house (3 years ago) and we are simply outgrowing it.

As a result we are contemplated moving somewhere with a lower cost of living and renting out this home to pay the rent for a larger house there. I would LOVE to hear how people navigate being out-of-town land lords.

When Housing Needs Change
8/12/11 05:34 PM

Too funny - I just guest posted on a modern take on the classic God's Eye today over at Make & Takes:

Summer Camp Crafting — God’s Eyes
7/18/11 01:24 PM

Such a great idea!

Using A Tiered Stand For Art Supplies
MaryJanes and Galoshes

5/26/11 05:29 PM

I second that dry & stores are great for maintenance (but you probably already know that)... making a monster box like this would be super fun:

Storage Solution for Hearing Aids?
Good Questions

5/25/11 06:25 PM

Yay! This is just what I needed. I just posted yesterday on all my favorite wooden work benches. You can check it out here:

I really love a few of them but like happybirthday, I'm also dreaming of making my own workbench/kitchen hybrid. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Before And After: From Nightstand To Workbench
5/19/11 09:38 PM

Thanks so much for the mention. I agree, this toy and the "creative play basket" is for older kids who won't be eating their toys.

I also made a creative play basket, baby edition. You can check it out here:

Thanks again!

Cheap and Candy-free Easter Treat

4/21/11 02:24 PM

Thanks so much for including my baby toy and memory game - love this round up!

What To Do This Weekend: Easter Crafts Roundup
4/15/11 03:17 PM

Just bought one of these for my friend's son's 1st birthday and he loved it. I loved that I was adding to their pile of plastic in the living room.

Green Toys Introduces Race Cars
4/13/11 12:18 PM

This is definitely going on my kiddo wish list!

Airplane, Car and Train Box Sets by Diggin
4/11/11 05:52 PM

Thanks for sharing, these are definitely going on our wish list! I'm a big proponent of emotional coaching for kids.

I did a post on it relating back to watching Thomas here:

Kimochi Dolls
4/11/11 12:29 PM

Great, great post. I agree with everything said here - especially the part about devoting 10 minutes to an activity with your child before trying to get something done while they're doing it. Not only are they so much happier but you also feel less mommy guilt -win win!

P.S. Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel is one of our current favorites at home too. My 2 year old was so confused the first time we read it and it started talking about "the lady that answers all the phones in town".

Stuck In The Middle With You: Tips for Working at Home with a Child
4/10/11 12:02 AM

These are great! I've also got a round up of flower art crafts at MPMK today:

Creating Cherry Blossoms
Reader Project

4/5/11 06:18 PM

Love the joke post - wish the product was a joke too!

Join Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity Campaign
4/1/11 06:52 PM

Thanks so much for the feature Ohdeedoh - today is my birthday (the big 3-0) and I couldn't have asked for a better gift!

Paint Chips Easter Garland
Modern Parents Messy Kids

3/29/11 04:28 PM

I hadn't really thought about it 'ill I read this post - but I totally agree that I did fully find my design style until I had my kids either. I guess it gave me permission to add whimsy and pops of bright color that I would have otherwise shied away from. It also gave me permission to be a little more casual.

My favorite Item is the two pieces of glass mounted to our living room wall which we put our kids' artwork behind. I love the modern look of a rotating kid gallery.

Your Favorite Thing About Children's Design
3/28/11 07:00 PM

I think this is fun as a baby shower. I posted about my favorite reveal party here:

"Cravings" Gender Reveal Party
Amy Atlas

3/28/11 06:54 PM