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This is so gorgeous! Beautiful home, beautiful property, beautiful family.

David and Jennifer's Handmade Home House Tour
10/31/13 09:48 PM

I hope you win! This is amazing!

Silvana's Innovative Interior Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 07:44 PM

Wow, this is so cool! Love how the conference rooms look like little apartments. Must be nice to be in this environment every day!

Airbnb's Home Away From Home Office Creative Workspace Tour
3/14/13 09:30 AM

very cool space, thanks for sharing.

Kris' Comfortably Glamorous Home House Tour
2/9/13 01:01 PM

Wow this is stunning!

Kathleen's Carriage House Channels Bali House Tour
1/23/13 07:00 PM

Really loving the house tours lately- very unique places chock full of interesting items and cozy spaces.

Anna & Joe's Living History in Georgetown House Tour
12/17/12 06:30 PM

my most favorite house tour. so cozy and beautiful and relaxing.

Robert's Character-Filled House in Echo Park House Tour
12/17/12 06:29 PM

Thank YOU apartment therapy! I am a loyal reader who's been following you for years. AT is the very first site I go to when I have any sort of apartment questions (noise control, hot pipes, cheap but cute curtain sources). Often times I find the tips in the comments section to be just as useful as the post. I don't have any specific questions, just a big thank you and please keep doing what you're doing!

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2012 Holiday Party

12/13/12 04:16 PM

love this place! Very airy but stylish at the same time. That mobile is awesome!!

Alexis & Josh Make Room for 3 House Tour
12/4/12 12:47 PM

amazing collections!

JoAnn & Dan's Creatively Collected Home House Tour
11/1/12 02:18 PM

Pier 1 also has some cute ones.

Best Coat Racks & Coat Trees 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
9/25/12 03:29 PM

This is amazing!!!!

Tracy & Marty's "Retro Metro" House Boat House Tour
7/20/12 01:15 PM


A Look Inside the Home of Lighting Designer Marjorie SkourasHouse Tour
4/20/12 03:37 PM


Charlotte's Decorative Arrangement Small Cool Contest
4/12/12 08:06 PM

Caitlin's Beacon Hill apartment is absolutely adorable. I love everything about it. Especially that she turned a small space into a cozy apartment.

Creative Small Spaces in Boston House Tour Roundup
4/4/12 12:58 AM

Boston MA
I'm in a 2 bedroom shared with a roommate and the total rent is $2,100. Honestly it's an amazing deal because the apartment is super nice. BUT I'm trying to move into a studio or 1 bedroom and the prices they charge for these AWFUL places are just absurd!! For examply $1300 for a teeny tiny, run down studio. I'm ready to move to across the ocean after reading a few of these comments.

What's the Highest & Lowest Rent You'd Pay in Your City? Survey
3/13/12 04:32 PM

What about the library?

Final Frame: Who Reads More, E-readers or Book Readers?
10/14/11 07:19 AM

This is so cool. The sleeping areas are amazing! Makes me proud to be from Providence!

Ben & Aja's Boiler Room Loft
House Tour

9/30/11 12:25 PM

The bathroom is spectacular! I think it's great to see a bit more of a formal style. Lovely!

Terry & Lyndon's Pristine Palatial Parlor
House Tour

9/29/11 12:31 PM

I am in the process of finding a place right now! I'm staying in the same city (boston) which allows me to walk through neighborhoods and streets that I'd like to live on and call the management companies directly. I have to say although I haven't had a lot of luck yet, it's been MUCH more pleasant than going through a Realtor.

How Do You Search for Apartments?
8/19/11 11:50 AM