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Do you people realize that most of the food you find in the world today is the result of cross breeding and modifying plants? If it were not for that, we would be eating the same food that was on the planet at the dawn of time and most of it was not suitable for human consumption.

What's the Difference Between Canola and Rapeseed? Word of Mouth
7/23/14 03:23 PM

Interesting that your rule #3 is to store away from heat (a stovetop) yet your photo right above that rule is just that...a drawer by a stovetop.
I always make my spice bottles with the date I opened the bottle. That way I know how long it has been around.

Our Guide to Cleaning Out Your Messy Spice Drawer Tips from The Kitchn
7/17/14 11:57 AM

I have the containers shown and I love them!! They stack nicely and give you a tight seal. I bought a set of 9 or 10 at Costco not long ago and have used the heck out of them.

What's the Best Container for Bringing My Lunch to Work? Good Questions
7/10/14 03:40 PM

Do your caramels have any corn syrup in them? The corn syrup will help prevent the formation of sugar crystals.
Do you live in a humid climate and where are you storing the wrapped caramels?

Why Are My Soft Caramels Getting Grainy? Good Questions
7/9/14 03:41 PM

Forgot to add the Charlie Bears at TJ's are my Schnauzer's favorite snack. Small and crunchy....what every dog loves.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 10:30 AM

They have excellent heavy cream. I make caramels with 3 pints of cream and TJ's is the best!!!

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/8/14 10:29 AM

Mom made corn cob jelly out of the cobs. Unfortunately I don't have a recipe but I remember it being pretty good.

Two Ways Corn Cobs Can Add Extra Flavor to Your Food Tips from The Kitchn
7/2/14 11:25 PM

Just made this but added 1/2 clove of garlic, chipotle tabasco and fresh ground black pepper....also additional chipotle pepper....being from AZ I guess I found it a little bland. But the basic recipe is a great base. Thanks.

Recipe: Grilled Okra with Spicy Chipotle Dipping Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
7/1/14 07:20 PM

Here in AZ it has been 100-108 every day for the past few weeks. But, I just came in from the garden and picked a big basket of tomatoes and a big bunch of basil. Plan on BLT's for lunch and tomato, basil, mozzarella salad for dinner. YUM.

The Perks of a Simple Summer Meal Ktichen Diaries: Kate in New York City
7/1/14 01:26 PM

When grinding spices and herbs, you need a rough surface in order for the mortar and pestle to do the proper job. If you season it to make it smooth, you defeat the purpose of the mortar and pestle. Just wipe it out with a dry cloth. Not sure if you live in a 'wet' climate but keep it as dry as possible if you do.

What's the Best Way to Season My Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle? Good Questions
7/1/14 12:32 PM

Can't eat Kale (thank god) because of it's high vitamin K content and a blood clotting issue. We eat a lot of vegies at our house but just 2 of us would have a hard time eating that many vegies.

I Have a New Favorite Recipe for Broccoli, Thanks to My CSA Box Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 3
6/30/14 02:08 PM

Are you sure your have pure vanilla extract and not the imitation Mexican vanilla that has all sorts of chemicals and nasty stuff mixed together to make it smell like real vanilla? The fake stuff is usually sold very cheaply and in big bottles.

My Vanilla Extract Turned Pink. Is It Okay to Use? Good Questions
6/30/14 10:30 AM

My maternal grandfather loved popcorn and milk mixed together as a pre-bedtime snack. The cold bowl of milk topped with a few popcorn kernels for each spoonful, repeat until both milk and popcorn are gone. My mom and I both indulge in it from time to time. Yummm

The Midnight Munchies: 5 Simple Snacks to Eat After Dark
6/25/14 02:57 PM

If you live in a very humid climate I would definitely oil the outside periodically, especially if it looks dry as Genni said. Here in the desert we don't have to worry to much but I still oil mine every once in a while.

Do I Need to Oil the Outside of a Cast Iron Skillet? Good Questions
6/13/14 04:55 PM

My dad was a fantastic grill guy. He also made a mean pot of hamburger goulash. I learned to poach eggs in cream from him. He had a special skillet that was only used for that and is one of my prized possessions. I do this once or twice a year in his honor and memory. Miss him terribly but he left me with wonderful memories of family and good food.

What Our Dads Taught Us About Cooking Father's Day 2014
6/11/14 03:51 PM

If I were to bring along one appliance it would be a small electric can stir fry in it, make soup, boil water, scramble eggs, etc. I have even made pizza in a wok.
I would also remember that you probably have an iron and ironing board in the room. In teaching college students to cook in their rooms I taught them they could do a great tasting cheese crisp. Place a sheet of foil, top with a flour tortilla and any cheese or other ingredients you want, top with another tortilla and a sheet of foil and iron away. Also a good way to heat up slices of bread without using a microwave which turns great tasting bread into hard bricks.
A sharp knife and cutting board along with your favorite spices, oils, vinegars in small amounts will make your stay more enjoyable. Also, take the time to set up a nice dining area in the room with a nice placemat, silverware and a plate. Enjoy.

Best Tips for Cooking in a Hotel Room? Good Questions
6/11/14 10:59 AM

I am so over cupcakes.

Are These the Most Adorable Cupcakes You've Ever Seen? Delicious Links
6/11/14 10:50 AM

I only buy from the tubes with the pull down dispenser. To many times I have seen both kids and adults put their hands in the bins and help themselves...yuck. I agree that Costco is a great place for dried fruits and nuts. Put excess nuts in your freezer in well sealed bags with as little air as possible.

Where Should I Buy Dried Fruits and Nuts? Good Questions
6/6/14 03:45 PM

I would check first with TSA to see if you can carry on a thermometer with that sharp point. If I were to carry on one, it would be an inexpensive one that I could replace when I get to where I am going, but I would not carry on my wonderful but expensive thermapen on the chance it would be confiscated. But then with the TSA you might get through going but the airport at the other end might have another idea of what to confiscate!!! Great post by the way.

The Most Important Kitchen Tool to Bring to Your Vacation Cabin Travel Tips from The Kitchn
6/5/14 12:32 PM

It drives me crazy when cooks use cooking terms incorrectly. According to the Food Lover's Companion, Broiling is cooking under direct heat (as you are doing in this recipe), Roasting is cooking in a shallow uncovered pan with fat at a lower heat than broiling. So, what you are doing is broiling, not roasting. Please use the correct term when titling your recipes as you are not doing anyone any favors by misleading your readers.

Recipe: Roasted Shrimp Scampi Recipes from The Kitchn
6/4/14 11:24 AM