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We just got the Macy's Alessia sofa in pearl, and love it so far. It's inexpensive (for leather), low-profile (great in our small space) and reminiscent of the Aiden sofa above. Also currently on sale!

Hello Lover: Leather Sofas We Love
6/23/11 11:52 AM

this is a gorgeous home, and they've really made the layotuwork. Can I ask how wide the house is?

Alex & Debra's Modernized 1850's Greek Revival
House Tour

4/22/11 04:15 PM

Can you do this on an iphone?

Quick Tip: Clean Scratched Glass with Toothpaste
2/17/11 01:30 PM

Love this look, but where do you get frames big enough without spending a lot of money?

Even More of a Good Thing: Framed Wallpaper
1/3/11 10:24 AM