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I was just at Monticello - they have a nice one in their gift shop!

pricey but nice.


Can You Help Me Find an Elegant Tea Chest? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/7/10 11:30 AM

My guess is you have either a roof leak or a place where water is coming in and you may well be smelling something you cannot see because it's behind the walls or ceiling.
Or it's in the water connections.

Look hard, definitely check the roof and near/under the windows.

a persisitant musty smell like that usually indicates water intrusion, until you find the source you're probably wasting your time trying to eliminate the odor.

You're landlord should appreciate the time and trouble you take to find it!!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: How Do We Get Rid of This Funky Smell?
1/29/09 10:54 PM

Oh, i just re-read. i take it back. If you can use window units, you should while you save for a better solution. In my case I don't have the option of window units because my windows are sliders.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Air Conditioner Solutions?
5/21/08 07:32 PM

I've got one of the portables in my bedroom. It's not very inefficient -- you can figure a good one that's 7500 btu will provide a solid 5000btu of cooling. You never say how large the space is you want to cool, but take it from me, you can get by with a couple portables for now whle you evaluate your options. I got mine from target, for about $350, it's energy star. Another con is they're louder than window units -- but in my bedroom I just freeze the room before bed, then shut it off and use a fan.
I actually figure I save energy by only spot cooling where I am.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Air Conditioner Solutions?
5/21/08 07:30 PM

Citrus-based paint stripper. It's non-fum-ey, you can decide after you get hte paint off how you feel about it. Sinks are not bad to replace, nor expensive for a simple one. I'd say as a paying tenant -- you deserve better. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Restore the Sink's Surface?
4/29/08 10:15 AM

I will make your life a ALOT better. Buy any birdseed you want, but make sure it has NO PEANUTS in it. None. Nada. That is a squirell that KNOWS there are peanuts in there. I know. I can read his mind.

Seriously. Leave it empty for a few days, then replace the seed with a combo of millet (the little yellowish round ones) and thistle and/or safflower. I'd wait another week or so before i even dare put in sunflower. Depending on where you live, the finch seed might be really fun to see the visitors.

The problem is the squirel thinks this is HIS feeder. Take away his favorite peanuts and it'll get way easier.

I think a baffel won't help because my guess is he is dropping down from the tree above. If you move the feeder, move it out from under the tree.
If all else fails, put up a hummingbird feeder. Lots of fun to watch and nothing for the squirrels.

Though I did have a racoon grab mine last week....

good luck and don't give up!!!!!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Squirrels in the Birdhouse!
4/9/08 02:48 PM

The cloud is in wax as far as I can see. Your best bet is to go get a can of "Howards Restore-a-Finish" in the approximate color of your wood -- or get clear. Follow the directions (lightly rub on with 0000 steel wool and then rub off with a clean rag)... It works on varnish and wax.

This is the cure for any white ring problem. I've restored tons of 50's modern furniture with it. It's a miracle.

If it's wax, then re-wax afterwards, if it's vanish, wax afterwards.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Removing Cloudy Stains from Wood?
4/4/08 03:29 PM

that doorknob doll is the funniest thing I ever saw on AT.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour Boston: Jeanine's Sun-Filled House
4/3/08 07:10 AM

Citrus stripper! non toxic, decent smelling and can be used indoors no problem. That, a toothbrush and some old towel and paper towels will do the trick. I just used it on a 4 ft square window that we'd removed that had 5-6 layers of exterior paint that had dripped behind the (failing) quarter round. I did it in the house, worked great on a combo of oil and latex and it was about 50 years worth. took about a half hour.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: How To Remove Paint From a Textured Window?
4/1/08 04:12 PM

Oh, and I want to add, I've really done my due diligence in terms of winterizing. If you can find a draft, you can usually get rid of it for less than 5 bucks. Please, do that first. it saves so much energy and makes your space so much more comfortable. that way you're not just pouring heat into a problem that 10 minutes and some materials (caulk, clear tape, draft snake etc) could cure! You'll be happy you did. Then your heater can keep you toasty warm for cheap!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Best Space Heaters?
1/6/08 02:33 PM

I have a 20x25 foot room that heats really fast with a vornado heater. Much faster because of the way the vornado circulates that air.

That being said, in a smaller room, my office where I spend the most time diring the day, the vornado kicks up enough minor dust that it aggravates my allergies so I use an oil filled. The smaller room lets the oil filled heat the room up fast enough in the morning that I'm happy with it.

In my bedroom I have a micathermic from bionaire. I loved it last year, but this year, it's developed a high pitched whine associated with the thermostat that is driving both my dog and myself nuts.

If a man came and robbed me of all my space heaters and i could only replace one, it would be the vornado - allergies included in the decision. I love that thing. You can point it at yourself when you first turn it on, and in minutes the entire room is warm.


Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Best Space Heaters?
1/6/08 02:26 PM

I got a leather sectional sofa in 1995 from IKEA. It still looks new and it's been spilled on, moved 5 times and had dogs and cats around it. It took a whack in one move and we had to open it up and re-screw the back to the seating on one area. It took 10 minutes and is again completely structurally sound.

I looked at IKEA sofas the other week for another room in the house (sleeper) ... I have to agree with the poster above, I think it really depends on the model. this was top of their line in 94-95.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Do IKEA Sofas Wear Well?
1/6/08 02:15 PM