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The Gracious Host

Doesn't *quite* fit into your categories, as TGH celebrates the art of entertaining at home... Check it out though!

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1/19/11 12:25 AM

I actually kinda prefer the 'before' picture of the fourth thumbnail!

missjulia's suggestion is awesome: turning the cabinet into a pinboard.

Happier Organization: Make Over Your Filing Cabinet
1/17/11 09:07 PM

It's nice to see these photos, but whether they're aspirational or inspirational, some of it just seems downright anal!

Get Inspired: Ideas from Beautifully Organized Homes
1/5/11 07:03 PM

Sales are perfect for buying bedlinen as well as table linen. I always buy one new doona cover and bedsheet set in the post-Christmas sales, so an old one can be retired. A good way of keeping bedlinen fresh.

5 Things On Sale Right Now To Help You Entertain Later
1/5/11 12:00 AM

Depends on the type of party you're having: if there's dancing involved, then music is important; if it's a dinner party, the food is important. But no matter what kind of party is it, the company is the most crucial element, so check and double check your guest list!

Party Architecture: How To Throw a Great Party
12/20/10 12:10 AM

The pillows are so cute. Love the deer head. Not so sure about that lamp shade...

Recycled Sweaters Make Cozy Home Accessories
12/13/10 11:41 PM