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I'm surprised you skipped Babylon. For me that episode and the scene where they sing Babylon is what got me really hooked and excited about Mad Men. I was like Oh, they're covering serious issues not just titillating ones.

Maureen's Mad Men Party Playlist: From the Stones to Zou Bisou Bisou Party Playlists From The Kitchn
4/6/13 02:57 PM

It is if you're physically disabled, but beyond that switches are so last century. This is about doing more than just adjusting the light. You could program the light to have realistic behavior while you're on vacation or even just turn the light on from the car so that you don't trip when you're entering the house with an armload of groceries.

Wi-Fi Adapters Let You Control Lightbulbs From Your Smartphone Design News 11.19.12
11/19/12 07:34 PM

@Lauri the Sunpentown Countertop that you link to isn't a dishwasher at all. It's just a dish dryer. It has no hookup to water and no functions which would wash any dishes. It just circulates hot air to dry and sterilize dishes.

Small Dishwasher Options for Small Kitchens
4/4/12 08:14 PM