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After having lived in a number of cities, including Detroit, Washington DC, Iowa City, and Raleigh, and after having spent a whole lot of time in New York and Los Angeles (and traveling all over), it appears most folks want to live in a cultural Mecca, but rarely take advantage of what's available. I've heard so many people talk about places that are a "cultural wasteland", but rarely travel outside of their city, neighborhood, borough, or <insert locality here>. They have their few restaurants and bars they frequent, but that's about it. Us purveyors of AT likely have a much greater appreciation for diversity, but most folks simply just want it to be available, but don't really participate in it. For most folks, any if those cities would be just fine.

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1/18/14 08:39 AM

Unless you have a ton of money, nothing is going to work reliably. The folks touting the room within a room concept are correct. However, the problem is going to be isolating the room within a room - making it "float." You also have to construct the thing like a tank, so the walls don't resonate. Even then, you may find that it does not have the intended effect, as any point of contact can transmit his beats to your neighbors. The likely case is that you will find yourself in a condo that you have already purchased, without the resources (money) necessary to tweak the installation to ensure it is truly isolated.

Those touting wall insulation may be forgetting that you share the same framing as your neighbors. Therefore, even if you could make the walls 100% transmission free (which is highly unlikely), if the floors vibrate, the vibration will be transmitted through the framing material. The same goes for the ceiling, unless it gets the same treatment as the hypothetical 100% transmission free walls.

I assume money is an issue, or he would already have a studio somewhere.

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10/15/12 04:27 PM

Never heard of one until now, which is when I fell in love...

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My precious.

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