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Make compost ;)

Help! What Can I Do With Giant Zucchini? Good Questions
7/26/13 04:08 PM

Try growing New Girl

What Happens When Monsanto Buys the Patent to Your Favorite Tomato
6/26/13 02:29 PM

This is casting a pretty wide net for "Boston area." Providence? Really?

Renting Done Right: 10 Inspiring Boston Area House Tours
3/22/13 04:19 PM

It's worth noting that often the regrowth of lettuce can be quite bitter - particularly the later into the summer you sure to pick a nice sweet variety!

Urban Farming Tip: Plant a Cut-and-Come-Again Salad Mix Windowbox
4/23/12 02:56 PM

King Arthur flour has an amazing recipe for spelt flour pancakes. You could just make a large batch of the dry ingredients and keep it in a big jar as your own pancake mix.

Can You Help Me Make a Homemade, Whole Grain Pancake Mix?
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1/24/12 09:50 AM

"I'd rather go to the grocery store down the street and pay half that." -- Then clearly you don't understand the point. Enjoy supporting Agribusiness one 50 cent sweet potato at a time.

Are Restaurants Causing the Price of Farmers Market Veggies to Soar?
11/14/11 11:48 AM

Has anybody used the Imperia ravioli maker? I have had no luck with this, the pasta sheets tend to tear in the rolling mechanism. I am definitely investigating other options to speed up ravioli making!

What's Better — a Ravioli Stamp, or a Ravioli Tray?
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10/21/11 11:01 AM

I love that shower curtain! Where is it from?

Michael & Shannon's Mix of Tradition and Travel
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8/11/11 02:22 PM

I agree with MaryWynn...burlap bags will eventually breakdown and won't really serve as a good planter any more. I ordered bulk potting soil this spring and thought storing it in burlap bags from my local coffee shop would be a great idea, but now I have a pile of potting soil and no more burlap bags. Just something to keep in mind!

How To Make Coffee Bag Planter Pots
7/20/11 10:26 AM

My only comment would be about direct seeding tomatoes - that would work fine, but just be prepared to have tomatoes later than others who have started seeds indoors. And I would add that most farmer's I have come across all start their plants indoors to get tomatoes to market as fast as they can. I second removing excess leaves, particularly those closest to the ground as that is where blight tends to start.

Get Your Garden Going: Tomato Growing Tips
The Gardenist

5/11/11 03:37 PM

This stuff is also called Claytonia and it rocks! It's tender like lettuce but without any of the bitterness. It also has a bit more of crunch and juiciness than lettuce. You can also find this green in some winter time salad mixes as it is very cold friendly.

Seasonal Spotlight: Miner's Lettuce
5/6/11 04:24 PM

I am in love with the headboard. Where did it come from???

John's Artful Wicker Park Duplex
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2/18/11 11:43 AM