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the tub in the master (guessing?) is off the chaaaaain.....

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
10/17/07 09:02 PM

nice, but i really can't stand the copious usage of shelving...especially the shoes. dust, dust, dust...collecting on shelves above both beds. and is it really practical to store a million shoe boxes in such an out-of-the-way location (having to climb atop bed to reach commonly used items)?

i'm so over this trend of people "displaying" all their stuff. it's visually and psychologically overwhelming.

EDIT, people. and let a space BE itself a little more--stunning architecture or not.

Southwest Semi-finalist #4: Eric and Lauren's reborn bungalow
5/17/07 03:32 PM

great bones/light...why clutter the living room w/ so much STUFF? Great kitchen.

#26 Chris's California Bungalow
5/4/07 07:44 PM

(oops..guess it's still bad)

#5 - Giuseppe's Fantastic Illusion
4/11/07 09:27 AM

ps--last time i saw it, there was also a temporary divider of sorts to keep unsightly kitchen scenes from view, if desired. kit lks a lot btr now, tho.

#5 - Giuseppe's Fantastic Illusion
4/11/07 09:25 AM

this apt was featured in the NYtimes' home/garden section sevrl mnths ago.

love it, of course.

(why so many "professional" contentrs this time around? seems kind of disingenouos.)

#5 - Giuseppe's Fantastic Illusion
4/11/07 09:23 AM