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This took a bit of effort to find. Can we get a big link on the front page?

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12/26/12 10:50 PM

Kate: I got a toshiba laptop about a year and a half ago, and the screen is going wonky. generally has very tech-savvy reviewers that I tend to trust more than the average site. Trade in CS3 and get a mac. ;) This is advice from a 15-year PC devotee.

Mangosteen, the only big disadvantage to the iPod Touch (aside from capacity) is that you have to look at it to use it. If you're not using it while driving, go for it.

I didn't get *any* tech for Christmas. It's a nice break. My fiancee and I shared 3 bottles of champagne and some modest gifts. I got my 2 favorite movies, though: Monsoon Wedding and My Neighbor Totoro.

I need to find a good portable iPod stereo with decent volume. Oh, and I'm selling a Toshiba laptop with a wonky screen. ;)

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1/3/08 03:59 AM