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My husband and I bought the 30" Marvel two years ago. It's been a DISASTER! Worst thing I've EVER bought. The door doesn't seal well (about a 1/4" gap), food spoils quickly, the freezer is ALWAYS chunky with ice - looks like the Artic, and parts have fallen off. The shelves have a thin aluminum guard that when the door kept falling off (really!!) the guards got dented. No problem with the dents I guess because the guards finally popped off and my husband had to drill and glue wood strips to hold the food on the shelves. Our handyman put bolts and big hinges on the door to keep it (finally) on the fridge.
How has Marvel responded to all this? They don't. I actually plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau - I'm THAT upset! Plus - extremely expensive. I thought you get what you pay for - but with Marvel, you don't.

Apartment Therapy New York | 30" Refrigerator/Freezer by Marvel
1/3/08 03:07 AM