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I love the blue in the living room. Do you know what color it is? Great space, open yet cozy.

Albert & Katy's Cheerful Colors
5/23/14 07:39 PM

We have a yard but have always done the hunt inside. We live in Michigan. Easter is cold. Always.

Once, we did try to hide the eggs outside, only to wake up to a windstorm at 3 am. We gathered what we could and hid them inside. We were finding egg bits for a couple of years afterwards!

Easter Egg Hunts for Apartment Dwellers
4/1/12 09:24 PM

This is hilarious to me. We had a Busytown birthday party for our son this summer and stopped in Toys R Us to see if they had any figurines. They laughed and told me that Busytown went away in the 70s.

Beyond Books: A Richard Scarry Revival
10/14/11 11:24 PM

The Mahalo uke is a good bet, we've had two for a few years.

If you want a guitar, go for the First Act acoustical ones. But, plan to open boxes and look at them, their quality control is all over the map. Generally, the ones that look like natural wood seem to be made much better than the painted ones (character and otherwise). It's definitely a purchase that I'd make in store with the time to look them over, rather than online. We were shocked when we opened the boxes and saw the difference between the individual guitars.

A Good Toy Guitar
Good Questions

9/2/11 06:37 PM

My tweens locker will definitely be decorated, but definitely NOT by her mother. She'd be mortified to have me in the hall decorating her locker!

Will You Be Decorating Your Daughter's Locker?
The Mouthy Housewives

9/1/11 09:22 AM

And, that is why I have a garden, CSA membership, and a community plot - chock full of heirlooms. It's work, but we can't afford vacations anyway, so we may as well fill the summer with something:) The taste is out of this world.

Fruits & Veggies Are Not as Nutritious as 60 Years Ago

8/9/11 10:47 PM

I agree, nothing wrong with the idea I suppose, but it's definitely not for me.

I recently read about someone using lint as garden fertilizer, that one left me scratching my head too.

Dryer Lint as Modeling Dough?
5/3/11 06:32 PM

My middle school daughter brings "weird" lunches. Seitan po' boys are a recent favorite, stuff like that. Kids make comments but it doesn't seem to bug her, she still requests the "weird" stuff.

Honestly, I think my husband gets teased more about lunch than she does:)

School Lunch Mockery: How "Normal" Were Your Lunches?
4/15/11 12:58 PM

We're in Michigan, on the west side. We definitely get a lot of snow, but do great with a sedan. Right now I'm driving a Ford Fusion, and can comfortably get 2 carseats and a tween in the backseat (Radian carseats - super safe with a small footprint).

I know it's easy to fall into the mindset that you need a big 4WD car but truly, you don't unless you're planning on driving offroad. I commute about 500 miles a week (ugh) and do great!

Help Buying a 'Green' 4WD American-Made Car?
Good Question

4/8/11 09:37 PM

Sigh. I have a few sets of these and so wanted to love them. They arrived (ordered from the manufacturer) really chipped, and I never was able to get it resolved. Such a bummer because they're gorgeous!

Bunny Enamelware Bowl & Cup
Daily Find

3/24/11 11:56 PM