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you could try this from century... it is skirted, but century will do almost anything custom, so going legged from skirted shouldn't be a problem...

or course that might still cost you a couple grand...

something from rowe furniture...

... would be less expensive

Sources for a Similarly Shaped Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 09:49 AM

the perfect coffee table... don't really know what it is yet, but pretty sure i will be speechless when i finally see it...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's Your Dream Piece of Furniture?
7/3/08 09:54 AM

From someone with retail furniture experience, retailers need to weed out inventory year round... Not just in July... Although the "new stuff" usually does hit stores in August and February...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Time of the Year to Buy Furniture?
6/18/08 11:53 AM

my grandmother's were in pea soup green... i painted them black, as that was the color i wanted them (not worried about historical colors)...

good luck painting them with regular spray paint, if you experience is anything like mine, it might never dry. i ended up using specialty appliance epoxy spray made by rustoleum, it finally got them to dry.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Historical Colors of Bertoia Chairs?
6/4/08 12:09 PM

personally i would do two non matching upholstered chairs... different styles and colors on both... maybe a complementary color (blue) and a harmonious color (something gold maybe, darker than the yellows in the room... be careful with this)... room needs to be broken up visually this would do that...

i also like the rug change idea... but that's probably for another time

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Kind Of Chairs Go With This Leather Couch?
5/28/08 10:22 PM

a chair with 2 cracks? thankfully, i've got fill-sticks... i would imagine you could get $500 easily, if not up toward $800... of course, you have to find a buyer with the right attitude, as you can so plainly see here...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Selling this Vintage Piece
5/20/08 09:42 PM

the interiors of houses in Johnson City, Tennessee still look like that... not kidding...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess the Decade: Orange Green Lounge - The Answer
5/19/08 10:19 PM

i hate my coffee table :(

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Coffee Table Tops
4/28/08 09:25 PM

anything but neutral

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Color Chairs Should I Buy?
4/22/08 07:18 PM

hacksaw, pipecutter.... dremel tool with the proper attachment?

you could definitely sand it down to a nice finished product with a dremel

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: How Do I Change a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table?
4/14/08 08:42 PM

fage, sugar, and an ice cream maker... add fruit and you have the most delish. frozen yogurt eva!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Weekend Reading: Greek Yogurt Revival
4/13/08 11:22 PM

anybody know the orgins of that awesome coffee table? i love it, and i am a coffee table snob...

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Offline: John Berg of Berg Design Architects
3/20/08 01:36 PM

cordless dremel tool.... you'll use it EVERYWHERE! like $40 at target...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tools: What's In Our Tool Box?
3/4/08 09:32 AM