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My husband and I purchased a house about a year and a half ago... not realizing that there were some wackadoodles living here before us. Shortly after moving in there was an "incident" in front of our house. The responding police officer mentioned offhandedly that "he thought he'd been here before"... and, oh yeah, btw, he had. The last time he was at our house (prior to use living here) they broke down the fence in our backyard to arrest an attempted *murderer* who was holed up inside our house. We also learned from a neighbor that night that there was an abusive guy renting a room who also happened to belong to the *Aryan Nation*... Sweet. That may explain why our neighbors weren't super quick to come over and introduce themselves!

Short story long, we burned a crapton of sage the next day and promised to take good care of our 102 year old lil' bungalow.

I don't regret buying this house AT ALL. Our neighbors are great, the house is awesome and it gets better with each home project we finish.

Don't dwell on the sad situation of the previous owners - it is up to you to make this house your home. And, a little sage burning never hurt anyone. ;-)

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we purchased ours from home depot, but I've also seen them at smaller hardware stores. you might also consider checking out rebuilding/recycled building supply stores too. i've seen a bunch stashed in a corner at one of our local up-cycle stores. good luck!

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1/18/11 05:37 PM

ohhh! these lights are amazing! i'm obsessed with mason jars! we use them for EVERYTHING (drinking glasses, wine glasses, spice storage, and are even in the process of making a soap dispenser out of one)! thanks for having this contest and giving us all a chance to win them! gorgeous!

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