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I usually pull out, "I'm Tru, who are you?" when I am meeting friends of my friends. Then I will ask how they know the host/ the mutual friend.

Most people are amused by my frankness. And if I happen to be out at a bar and there has been drinking going on it becomes, "Who the hell are you?" which just elicits more amusement.

What's Your Very Best Ice Breaker? Reader Discussion
4/23/13 02:46 PM

I've been served one of those before. Very unpleasant. I learned to default to gin and tonic after that since I don't drink cola.

My Safety Drink at Questionable Bars: Tequila Ginger Ale
4/16/13 03:01 PM

I thought this was a reminder to set aside some personal time to freshen up before the party too.

I know that I always feel stinky and sticky after cooking up a storm, so I try to get in a quick shower or at least change and wash my face before my guests arrive, otherwise I'll be welcoming them with onion hands or flour on my face.

Dinner Party Timing Tip: Factor Yourself In
11/5/12 03:44 PM

For long pastas I do the fork and twirl.
For stir fried noodles I grab and slurp.
For pho (and sometimes ramen) I pick up noodles and coil them onto my soup spoon for a tidier mouthful.

How Do You Eat Spaghetti? Or Other Long Noodles? Survey
10/22/12 12:13 PM

I'm in LA: I live within a mile of a two kosher markets (cheap produce!), a Smart & Final, a Fresh & Easy Express, an Indian spice market, and a weekly farmer's market. I usually manage pretty well between those stores.

Occasionally I'll pick up specific things from Trader Joe's or the Japanese market on my way back from work. Every couple of months we may drive a couple of miles to stock up at Costco or 99 Ranch.

On the rare occasion I will put up with an hour long bus ride to get to Chinatown for Vietnamese groceries when I can't wait for a weekend shopping trip with the BF.

How Far Do You Travel For Groceries?
9/12/12 03:51 PM

I had all four of mine pulled out a couple of years ago and I had the usual mashed potatoes and applesauce but I also made a huge pot of rice porridge (vietnamese style is more brothy in my experience so rice getting caught in sockets was not an issue) and packets of fruit gelatin.

Help! I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out. What Can I Eat?Good Questions
5/11/12 10:55 PM

I like ghirardelli but I currently have tj's semisweet in my baking stash.

So Nestle Tollhouse are made with vanillin? What other brands use vanillin rather than proper vanilla extract? I may have to pick up a bag of those.

I only ask since I'd like to make a batch of halal choco chip cookies for my BF's coworkers, one of his coworkers is Muslim and tries to keep halal and couldn't partake in the last two batches of cookies and brownies I sent to work since I used (homemade) vanilla extract and/or ghirardelli choco chips which have alcohol based vanilla extract.

Baker's Pantry Staple: Semi-Sweet Chocolate ChipsIngredient Spotlight
3/28/12 02:45 PM

I try not to use my phone when I dine out. The only time I may use it is if someone asks me the time (I don't wear a watch) or if one of my planned dining companions is running late and/or needs directions.

One of my friend's is quite shameless about pulling out his iphone when we dine out.We are trying to talk to him as he peruses news articles and reddit. It can be very annoying.

Table Manners: A New Cellphone Etiquette?
Los Angeles Times

2/24/12 03:39 PM

My broiler is one of those floor drawer types so I hate to use it (just harder to move stuff in/out or monitor my food unless I lay on the floor) so I bought a pen torch. It is great for brulee and jewelry soldering.

Three Ways to Create a Sugar Crust on Homemade Crème Brûlée
2/13/12 04:29 PM

The air plant site just made my holiday wishlist.

Green Gift Guide: 20 Gifts Under $20
2011 Green Gift Guide

11/16/11 05:11 PM

I grabbed a roasting pan for $10 from Ross a couple of years ago and I love it. My friends will borrow it for their holiday potlucks.
I tend to use it for making char siu (just invert the rack from V to ^ on the pan) since I don't want to bother with using hanging hooks from my regular oven racks. It makes it easier to baste and I don't have to stick my face/arm in a blazing hot oven.

No Roasting Pan? 5 Alternatives Already In Your Kitchen
11/16/11 03:37 PM

No contest! Tampopo FTW!

Weekend Hibernation: What's Your Favorite Food Film?
11/11/11 11:57 AM

I did hand salads last year. Just bundles of arugula with a slice of pear wrapped in prosciutto. I saw the recipe here last year.

What Are the Best Appetizers for Thanksgiving Day?
Good Questions

11/9/11 12:03 PM

Pho or ramen (especially hakata style). Also like albondigas, tortilla, and wonton soup.

Oh yeah there is also Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup or egg drop soup too.

Too many delicious options.

Chili...or Chicken Noodle: What's Your Favorite Soup?
10/25/11 12:09 PM

I like mine lightly steamed, or raw and dipped in delicious hummus.

How Do You Cook Your Broccoli?
10/25/11 12:07 PM

I have a box of nitrile gloves, courtesy of an old roommate who picked them up in research lab. I only use them when I make char siu with red food coloring (I like it bright red and lucky like the char siu i grew up with) which would dye my hands.

Survey: Do You Use Food Prep Gloves in Your Kitchen?
9/8/11 05:17 PM

I'm Asian and I don't use chopsticks properly but I can pick up food and get it to my mouth. I tend to hold them in a way that they cross each other like scissors but that works for me. My mom just gave me chopsticks let me figure them out myself. I also happen to grip a pencil oddly when I draw or write.

I can hold them according to the diagrams, but that takes conscious effort and I switch back once I start focusing on enjoying my food.

My quarter chinese, mostly white, bf holds them properly though. He hates it when only he gets slipped a fork at Asian restaurants.

Cook's Confession: I Can't Use Chopsticks
8/15/11 02:51 PM

My BF and I moved in together about a month ago and it wasn't terrible but still was not the greatest moving experience I've had.

I booked a moving truck online and called the rental place two days before (Thursday morning) and they confirmed that they had my reservation. They said they didn't have the truck yet but it should arrive by Saturday morning for us.

Come Saturday morning we are running a little late so we call the truck rental place to let them know. Instead we are informed that there is no truck for us and they don't have any trucks at all. They couldn't look for another truck for us and said we just had to call around and find a new truck.

Argh. Cue cussing and various other obscenities as we vented. We called corporate customer service and found out that the local rental place had cancelled my reservation AFTER THEY CONFIRMED WITH ME. Argh!

We called around and found another truck after Budget reactivated my reservation and eventually managed to move. Unfortunately I was still charged a no-show fee at the first rental place which I had to resolve. I figured if they cancelled my truck then me no showing up did not deserve a fee.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/5/11 02:44 PM

I use fish sauce all the time -- I call it Vietnamese magic.

Otherwise I use crushed red pepper, garlic, black pepper, onion, and vinegar.

Herbs & Spices: Which Seasonings Do You Use the Most?
7/5/11 09:42 PM

I always grow basil and cilantro, starting thyme or mint is a pain so I get small plants for those.

Survey: When Growing Herbs, Do You Begin With Seeds or Small Plants?
6/22/11 12:08 PM