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Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. We have very hard water in England as well. I do this once a month and have no problems.

Is There a Natural Way to Combat Hard Water?
4/12/11 03:36 AM

Yep, we don't change ours until 27 March. :)

Advance the Clock! Daylight Saving Time Begins
3/13/11 07:00 PM

I'm American and have lived abroad for the past 4 years, first in Germany and now in England. Christmas is very similar in both countries to that in the US, but one thing I always do is have a full-on, American Thanksgiving each year. I plan well ahead to make sure I have canned pumpkin and a few other ingredients that may be harder to find, but it's well worth it.

Don't forget to incorporate new traditions into your lives as well. It helps you adjust to your new surroundings and you end up with some fantastic new family traditions as well.

Expat Christmas: Celebrating The Holidays Far From Home
12/10/10 05:54 AM